Mazal Tov on the new addition to the family baby! The birth of a beautiful baby is always a cause for celebration and of course gifts, and this is especially true in Judaism.

At 8 days old, boys are ritually circumcised in a ceremony called a Brit Milah, also known as a 'Bris'. This is the rite-of-passage that enters Jewish boys into an eternal covenant with G-d, and makes them official member of the Jewish people. For girls, many people choose to hold a naming ceremony at the synagogue on Shabbat which is equally as exciting!

A new birth and its surrounding rituals are always special for the baby and for their parents and relatives, so here are our top gift ideas to help you help them celebrate:



1. Rikmat Elimelech Pomegranate Bris Pillow

There's a lot that goes into the preparations for the brit milah, but perhaps nothing is as special to get as a beautiful bris pillow to make sure that the baby is as comfortable and relaxed before the big moment, and likewise stationary when it counts. Traditionally, a newlywed couple pass him over to the Sandek to place on his lap while the bris is performed by a professional, so when all the focus is on the baby, he'll be surrounded by Hebrew verses all about the significance of the bris, beautifully embroidered on this sturdy pillow along with decorative florals.





2.  White Brit Milah Outfit With Matching Tie

This is the biggest mitzvah of his life so far, so make sure your baby boy is dressed to the nines in this traditional brit milah outfit! It comes with a ruffled shirt, open at the bottom to make easy access for the mohel to do his important medical job, along with white booties and a white tie. The white is there to symbolize purity, and it is nevertheless highly decorated and beautiful!






3. Personalized Handcrafted Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Whether you're making kiddush at the brit milah, or you're hosting a kiddush at a naming ceremony for a girl, having an elegant, well crafted kiddush cup will be in order. Your newborn won't have to miss out either with this exquisite child's kiddush cup, which can be personalized with a name in Hebrew or English lettering—we can even translate it for you! Keep this adorable memento to be cherished for decades and decades ahead, as your child's first piece of Judaica.






4. Blessing and Protection Sterling Silver Teaspoon

Whether or not your baby was literally born with a silver spoon, this excellent, sterling silver teaspoon can be used for many years on your Shabbat table or placed decoratively. Inscribed is the line "Yivarechecha hashem v'yshmarecha" (Hashem will bless you and guard you), the protective quote used in Bircat Kohanim (the Priestly Blessing) found in Numbers 6:24-26. A beautiful and protective gift for a new child!






5. Handcrafted Sterling Silver Personalized Baby Kiddush Cup

As a memento for welcoming a newborn that the little one can use on Shabbat to join in one day, this Bier Judaica baby Kiddush cup is the perfect gift. Customizable with the child's name in either English or Hebrew spelling, this is a more personal gift that won't get confused if you've got other little ones. Give an item that will bring fond memories for countless years to come!






6. Yair Emanuel Children's Kiddush Cup (Choice of Colors)

Shabbat is family time, and of course, your child will love having the grape juice at kiddush on Friday nights - and it's a great way to get the little one excited about Judaism from the earliest age possible. Whether you're shopping for a good little boy or girl, Yair Emanuel offers these children's kiddush cups in a variety of different colors and patterns, along with different inscription options for boys and girls.







7. Son's Blessing & Daughter's Blessing Wall Hanging

Having some wall art to put up in the nursery is a great way to add a touch of color in a traditionally Jewish way. Whether you are looking for a message that includes Torah verses for your beautiful baby boy or baby girl, Dorit Judaica's colorful mandala designs will be perfect. Both contain the text for the Priestly Blessing (Bircat Kohanim), along with Torah verse as a blessing for either a boy or a girl.







8. 925 Sterling Silver Name Rings Necklace

This is a great gift for a mother, especially as the young family is beginning to grow. Keep your children's name close at hear with these personalizable ring-pendants; whether you want to have their names written out in Hebrew or in English, order up to 5 names at once and we'll customize them to your family. A great way to have a celebratory gift for a new parent that will be worn and cherished for years to come!






9. Book of Psalms Gift Basket (Choice of Colors) 

If you're planning for an event, be it a naming ceremony, brit milah, or baby shower, these individually wrapped booklets of Tehillim, the Book of Psalms, would make for a great party-favor. Whether you wish for people to say them at the events or to have a traditional, spiritual gift to take home after such a sacred occasion, they're sure to be appreciated by your guests. Get them in your choice of color: blue, pink, or white.








10. Silver Baby Pin with Star of David, Hamsa and Evil Eye Charms

Attach this set of charms onto whatever you'd need—diaper bag, stroller, hung up somewhere—and keep this set nearby at all times. This collection of sterling silver charms contains an Ayin Hara (traditional eye design to keep away the "Evil Eye"), Hamsa, and a Star of David. This is not only a great way to clip a Jewish touch onto something everyday, but these charms make for beautiful jewelry in their own right, and will become a treasured keepsake for your baby's entire life.






11. Gift Card to Judaica WebStore

New parents often find themselves overwhelmed with all sorts of new things they need to support the life they've created, both physically and spiritually. So support the new parents in your life and show your excitement, whether you're near or far, with a gift card to Judaica WebStore! While amounts in multiples of 18 are traditionally common, as this is the numerical value of the spelling of Chai (Life) in Hebrew, you can put as much as you'd like up to $10,000. It also makes for a great gift if you're unable to see the new family in person, as it can be sent and redeemed electronically.





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