Mazal Tov - it's a baby! The birth of a beautiful new baby is always a cause for celebration, and this is especially true in Judaism. At 8 days old, boys are ritually circumcised in a ceremony called a Brit Milah. This is the historical rite-of-passage that enters Jewish boys into an eternal covenant with God, and makes them official member of the Jewish people. For girls, there is often a naming ceremony at the synagogue on Shabbat which is equally as exciting! It's a special day for the baby and their parents and relatives, so here are some gift ideas to help you help them celebrate!



Every parent wants to dress their new baby in adorable little outfits, and with our range of special baby clothing, you can help them! There are plenty of cute onesies to choose from, with funny slogans and colorful designs, any baby will be looking good in no time!

Barbra Shaw's designs are just the cutest!



A new baby means a new bedroom, and every bedroom needs a special mezuzah hanging on its doorpost! Our range of children's mezuzah cases comprises exclusive designs. We also carry a beautiful range of hanging decorations engraved with what's known as a 'Baby's Blessing', a prayer to protect the new infant. Any of these will be sure to brighten up the room!

They will dream of starry skies with this mezuzah


Everyone grows up hearing stories and songs, and now your baby can enjoy traditional Hebrew and Israeli stories and lullabies too! Our collection of children's music includes special songs for the Jewish holidays and Shabbat, and our children's books in both Hebrew and English are certain to become favorite bedtime stories in the future!

Fun songs for dancing the day away!


Gifts for Parents

The Brit or naming might be all about the baby, but by the time a whole week has passed, there are two more people who probably need even more attention than the baby does - the proud but exhausted parents! Consider something soothing, invigorating like something from the Dead Sea Spa Care line, guaranteed to help a drained new mother relax, or one of our luxurious Dead Sea kits, complete with everything a new parent needs to feel replenished and human again! Alternatively, our exclusive gift baskets include a range of acclaimed Israeli wines, artisan chocolates, specially blended and flavored teas, and organic, all-natural honeys and spreads and are sure to help new parents feel loved!  

A gift box with lots of sweet treats to enjoy!


Any of our gorgeous baby products would be a fantastic way to celebrate the birth and Brit of a new baby, and help parents get ready for this amazing new chapter in their lives!