Surrounded by hazy mountain peaks in one of the most breathtaking vistas on Earth, the Dead Sea sits at the lowest point on the planet. It's one of the largest salt lakes in the world, but its "salt" concentration is lower than that of sea water. Instead, its high salinity is caused by a unique combination of mineral salts, which have been famous for their legendary healing properties and youth-restoring powers since ancient times: Cleopatra herself bathed in the Dead Sea's salty waters!

Israeli skincare companies like the infamous AHAVA brand have harnessed the Dead Sea's minerals, and turned them into some of the most luxurious and celebrated skin care products in the world. We carry an extraordinary range of these deluxe cosmetics, which have been created by Israeli experts to nourish and replenish your skin and leave it supple, hydrated and healthy!


The visible effects of aging can be caused by over-exposure to sunlight, or a lack of vitamins to counteract harmful free-radicals. The Dead Sea's unique combination of minerals, combined with a selection of seaweed and plant extracts and oils, has been proven to dramatically reduce visible signs of aging and restore a youthful, taut appearance to skin. These anti-aging products aim to infuse the skin with minerals and extracts to improve elasticity and suppleness, for younger, healthy-looking skin.

Feel glamorous, look glamorous


Everyone needs a little luxury in their lives, and our amazing range of Dead Sea spa products is sure to include anything you might need for some hard-earned pampering! We have a range of gorgeous bath salts, which are available in solid crystal and liquid form, and in a variety of fragrances. We also carry gorgeous scrubs and body butters, which will help your skin rejuvenate and revitalize, leaving it fresher and smoother than ever! We also offer mud packs, which let you truly experience the Dead Sea from the comfort of your own bathroom. The list of ways to relax and do some self-care is endless!

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Hair Care

The Dead Sea's therapeutic effects on skin can also do wonders for your hair! The unique combination of minerals is incredibly efficient at unclogging the follicles on your scalp, which helps prevent dandruff and scaling and allows hair to grow thicker, faster, and softer. These hair care products are rich in the minerals your hair needs to stay shiny and healthy, so work as an amazing extra-strength natural conditioner!

Get the luscious locks you deserve


Facial Care

Naturally, your face is more exposed to the weather and harsh environments more than any other part of your body - except maybe your hands! This means it needs powerful cleansing and moisturizing that's also gentle on your delicate facial skin. Dead Sea facial care products have been especially formulated to bring you the astounding benefits of the Dead Sea without destroying your fragile facial skin.  We carry products which are suitable for all types of skin so there is something perfect to keep you looking beautiful!

Face cream with sun protection and Dead Sea minerals? Yes, please!


Body Care

Our range of luxurious body care items includes everything you need for a superb skincare regime and perfect, glowing skin. Featuring selections of  soaps and shower gels as well as hand creams and foot lotions enriched with infamous Dead Sea minerals and other fabulous extracts like seaweed and berries, these products include everything you could wish for to keep your skin nourished, soft, and healthy!

Allergen, paraben, and cruelty free products that will leave you feeling great



We carry a special range of Dead Sea products just for men, which includes everything from shower gel to shaving cream and even has special anti-aging eye formulas! Whether his morning routine takes 30 seconds or 30 minutes, there's something here to help him look and feel his absolute best!

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Clineral is the brain-child of internationally renowned Israeli pharmaceuticals company Teva and world-famous producer of Dead Sea cosmetics, AHAVA. It combines AHAVA's all-natural approach to skincare with Teva's advanced medical knowledge to offer a range of skincare products designed especially for those struggling with chronic skin conditions. This special range of products is ideal for those seeking relief from red, itchy, dry or flaky skin.

With the Dead Sea's healing powers, you'll get the best results for your sensitive skin 

Our gorgeous selection of Dead Sea cosmetics is the perfect way to bring the giant lake's legendary healing properties right to your own bathroom, and enjoy the total indulgence of world-class cosmetics from the comfort of your own home!