Celebrate your identity and heritage with fun and funny Jewish gifts by Israeli artists!

These items feature classic and modern Jewish jokes, amusing sayings or images, or funny slang in Hebrew or Yiddish. They make for great gifts for loved ones for holidays, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just because. And we're sure you'll want some for your own collection too!

Don't miss these 10 funny Jewish gifts that'll make you smile and help you connect with Judaism in a fresh new way:

1. "Moses: First Man To Download From The Cloud" Jewish T-Shirt

Show off your Jewish pride and sense of humor with this fun Moses t-shirt, designed in Jerusalem by Modern Shtetl studio! Made from high-quality cotton in a range of colors and sizes, this Jewish tee features a cartoon-like depiction of Moses along with the phrase "Moses: First Man With A Tablet Who Downloaded Data From The Cloud." Wear it to your next family gathering or show it off at school or synagogue to make everyone around you smile!

This design is also available on a long-sleeve shirt, a hoodie, and a mug.

2. Moses Jewish Humor Coffee Mug

"How does Moses make coffee? Hebrews it!" This classic Jewish joke graces this fun coffee mug, also featuring an image of Moses with the Ten Commandments and a cup of coffee. Designed right in Israel, this mug is sure to make you smile every time you drink your tea or coffee, and it makes a unique gift for anyone who appreciates Biblical figures, Jewish tradition, or wholesome humor.

3. "We Survived, Let's Eat" Jewish Holiday T-Shirt

Celebrate Jewish longevity and a famous Jewish joke with this holiday t-shirt and its fun yet powerful message. The text reads "Every Jewish Holiday: They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, Let's Eat!" Whether for Hanukkah, Purim, Passover, or any other time of the year, this tee - available in a choice of vibrant colors - will be a meaningful and light-hearted Jewish outfit that anyone can appreciate.

This design is also available on a hoodie.

4. "Keep Calm" Jewish Mom Mug

This fun, ceramic coffee mug is the perfect gift for any Jewish mom! Parodying the classic "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan, it features a crown with a Star of David along with the words "I Can't Keep Calm, I'm a Jewish Mom." Give your mom, grandma, aunt, or friend a laugh and a sense of Jewish pride in the form of a stylish, functional gift they'll treasure for years to come!

This design is also available on a t-shirt and a hoodie.

5. Martin Holt Jewish Humor Wall Clock with Moses

For lovers of Jewish art and humor, this wonderful wall clock is a must-have piece of home decor! Made by Tel Aviv-based craftsman Ofek Wertman, it features a reprint of artwork by famed Israeli cartoonist Martin Holt. The clock shows an image of Moses parting the waters at a swimming pool so that a Hasidic man can run, in a coloful and imaginative reference to the Exodus from Egypt.

This design is also available on a mug.

6. My Favorite People Call Me Abba: Fun T-Shirt

Tell your dad how the father-children relationship is special like no other with this "My favorite people call me אבא (Aba)" shirt. Hailing from Jerusalem-based studio Modern Shtetl, it comes in a choice of colors and sizes for the right fit. Your dad will wear it proudly, and will appreciate the cute phrase that embodies him perfectly.

7. Cool Hebrew Slang Tote Bag

If you appreciate the unique sounds and humor of Modern Hebrew slang, you'll love this fashionable tote bag that shows off some of the cutest and funniest of Hebrew words and phrases! The Israeli-designed bag is made of high-quality polyester and emblazoned with a variety of Israeli slang in colorful Hebrew and English script. From "ma ani, ez?" ("what am I, a goat?") to "shetuyot bemitz" ("nonsense in juice") and the famous yalla and sababa - these are sure to amuse and make anyone smile!

This design is also available on a t-shirt and a mug.

8. Am Yisrael Chai Lion Black Glossy Mug

A mug might usually look unassuming, but this one hosts a powerful message. "Am Yisrael Chai", is written in Hebrew here, along with the translation "the people of Israel live" has been a Jewish mantra for eons. The Lion of Judah is a symbol of Israel's strength and national pride. This mug is a great gift for any strong supporter of Jewish unity.

9. Famous Yiddish Words Basic Pillow

Even in English, these Yiddish phrases are well-used and beloved by Jews around the world. This charming throw pillow contains at least a dozen and a half of the most popular phrases people throw into their speech to add more Jewish zest. It's a great gift for anyone who loves old Yiddish phrases.

This design is also available on a mug.

10. Israel Men’s Athletic Shoes

Show your support for Israel wherever you walk with these Israel athletic shoes. Made from ultralight flyknit and fitted with a rubber outsole and soft insole, and are great for running or leisure activity alike. These will be just as much a statement of patriotism as it will be a source of comfort for your feet.

This design is also available as women's shoes.

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