If you're looking for a unique, beautiful gift for the special person in your life, Judaica WebStore has the answer. Somewhere in our huge selection of original products from Israeli artists and designers, the gift for your loved one is waiting! Whether you're looking for something classic and stylish, elegantly simple or quirky, charming and unique, we offer hundreds of exquisite products sure to make her swoon! Here are a few suggestions to help you find the perfect gift that says "I love you"!

  • Heart Jewelry: Our jewelry collection is comprised of remarkable pieces from wonderful Israeli designers using high-quality materials. Choose from our extensive range of beautiful heart-shaped pieces to show the someone special in your life just how much you care! We offer pieces in sterling silver, gold plate, 14K white and yellow gold, embellished with Roman glass, semi-precious stones and millefiori. Many of our pieces feature traditional Jewish motifs and Hebrew verses, combining the best in modern Israeli design with the beauty of ancient words and traditions.
  • Diamond Jewelry:  Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend: give her one of the stunning pieces from our extensive collection and you will be too! Our magnificent selection of diamond jewelry offers a choice of discreet, classic designs set with high-quality diamonds and other precious stones.
  • Eilat Stone Jewelry: Renowned for the remarkable depth and beauty of its unusual blue-green shades, Eilat stone is Israel's national stone. Each of these rare gems has a unique color, size and weight, making it totally unique to you - just like your soul mate! The earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in our gorgeous Eilat stone collection feature innovative designs and intricate metalwork, guaranteed to make your loved one feel just as precious and cherished as these beautiful stones.
  • Dead Sea Cosmetics: Israeli skin care products made from minerals harnessed from the Dead Sea have become famous across the world for their invigorating powers and extraordinary healing properties. If your loved one needs a little opulence and luxury in her life, our selection of decadent  Dead Sea cosmetics includes everything from cleansers to bath salts and massage oils, perfect for an indulgent pampering session! Check out our range of gorgeous spa products, which are guaranteed to make her feel like a princess. If you're not sure where to start, consider the special kits: each of these are designed to offer a targeted type of treatment.
  • Wine: There are few things as romantic as sitting late over a delicious meal and sharing a bottle of good wine with the person you love! Our collection of  award-winning kosher wines includes produce from acclaimed vineyards and wine-makers, and truly celebrates the best of Israeli produce! For a real treat, consider this luxurious artisan chocolate gift box to go with the wine!


You can never say 'I love you' too many times, and any of these gorgeous gift ideas would be an amazing way to show someone how much you really love them!