The hoshen, the breastplate worn by the Cohen Gadol ("High Priest") was made up of a set of 12 precious stones known as the Umim v'Tumim, each representing the 12 tribes of Israel. As seen in Samuel I for example, the stones would light up to illuminate the word of God. This makes one of Judaism's oldest symbols one of brightness, color, divinity, and unity among all the Jewish people. There could hardly be something better to wear to show your connection to Judaism, and your history, making for a gift that never goes out of fashion.


1. 14K Yellow Gold Hoshen Pendant Necklace

The hoshen is the breastplate that was worn by the Cohen Gadol, the high priest, to interpret prophesy, but with this necklace, you can see already that it would go well with any outfit. Made from 14K gold, this shows the word "choshen" in Hebrew letters above 12 gem stones reminiscent of the breastplate.






2. Hoshen (Twelve Tribes) Ring with Gemstones & White Diamonds

The hoshen breastplate of old had 12 precious stones, representing the 12 Tribes of Israel. This 14K yellow gold hoshen-inspired ring similarly looks to use beauty to show off unity among the Jewish people with colorful gemstones set around the ring. It contains white diamonds, completing a traditional symbol with artful detail.






3. Ani LeDodi / Shema Yisrael Spinning Ring With Choshen Motif

One of the most famous, romantic lines taken from the Song of Songs "Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li" (I am My Beloved's and My Beloved Is Mine), making this a great gift for an anniversary, or other romantic occasion. At the bottom ring there is the text of the Shema, the most fundemental line in the Torah. At the center are many colorful gemstones, based on the hoshen motif.






4. Yellow Gold Diamond and Gemstones Pendant

This 14K yellow gold pendant featuring 12 bright, colorful gems is inspired by the hoshen breast plate. Each one of the dozen stones also signifies each of the 12 tribes of Israel, distinct but set together as one. At the top is the word "choshen" engraved in Hebrew lettering. This would make for an excellent bat mitzvah gift.






5. 9K Gold Jeweled Hoshen Ring - 12 Tribes

While all hoshen-inspired jewelry will evoke ideas of the 12 tribes of Israel, this takes that imagery to the next level. In addition to 12 stunning gems set into 9K gold, the names of each of the tribes, along with the words "Shivtei Israel" ("the tribes of Israel") creating a framing effect. This stunning ring is a powerful symbol of Jewish heritage and unity.






6.  Star of David Hoshen (Twelve Tribes of Israel) Pendant with Gemstones

This arabesque style pendant has a Star of David motif along with 12 gemstones around the star inspired by the hoshen breastplate worn by the high priests. Within the circular, 14K gold outer ring are two overlapping 6-pointed stars, along with space at the center in the shape of the Magen David. This is a great present for a wedding.






7. Yellow Gold and Silver Shira Hoshen Ring

This ring, made up of 3 rings that fit snugly together, each inlaid with different colored gems within the wave pattern along the outside. These rings are made from silver, yellow gold, and rose gold, adding even more color and beauty to this highly customizable set. Wear just one or all three together to go along with any outfit.






8. Hoshen (Twelve Tribes) Ring with Gemstones & Diamonds

This hoshen ring is a modern take on the classic design of the hoshen breastplate, as all the 12 gemstones and diamonds are in a looser configuration. This exciting design still recalls the 12 Tribes of Israel but in a new, vibrant way. This would make for a great birthday present.






9. 925 Sterling Silver Hoshen Pendant

This stunning, sterling silver hoshen breastplate pendant is a striking yet traditional style. The minimalist design allows for the brightness of the colored gems to come through clearly, alluding to the 12 Tribes, and what the High Priest used to make prophetic judgement. This pendant can be worn with just about any outfit, and would make for a fantastic bat mitzvah present.






10. Sterling Silver 12 Tribes of Israel Hoshen Bracelet

This sterling silver bracelet is styled after the high priest's breastplate, with each of the 10 segments along the band featuring the 12 gemstones like it had, representing the 12 Tribes of Israel. This adds a bright pop of color to any outfit its paired with.






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