Jerusalem jewelry encapsulates the beautiful capital city of Israel so that you can keep this holy place close to your heart always. This jewelry selection has options for both men and women with rings, necklaces, and more, in various styles and capturing different aspects of the Holy City. Jerusalem jewelry is meaningful and spiritual, without compromising on style or the expert craftsmanship that Israeli jewelers are known for, and will always make a statement whenever you wear it.

See our top Jerusalem-themed jewelry from the Land of Israel below, so you can wear your faith and commemorate the Holy City wherever you go!


1. Silver and Eilat Stone Lion of Judah Necklace

Dazzle the special man in your life with this stunning Lion of Judah necklace! It features a polished cut of Eilat Stone, Israel's national gemstone, set in a sterling silver frame and decorated on top with a silver Lion of Judah emblem, representing the Biblical Tribe of Judah and the City of Jerusalem. Both beautiful and meaningful, it makes for an eye-catching display of one’s heritage, Jewish pride, and love for the Land of Israel and the Holy City.

2. Sterling Silver and Jerusalem Stone Tablet Necklace

This unique artisan necklace from Rafael Jewelry perfectly captures ancient symbolism and a piece of the Holy Land in a modern, stylistic representation. Set inside a sterling silver pendant is a piece of authentic Jerusalem Stone - quarried right in the Judean Hills - engraved with a reproduction of a seal found in an archeological dig in Israel and dating to the time of King Jeroboam II in the 8th century BCE. It features a Lion of Judah design with the words "Shema Servant of Jeroboam" in ancient Hebrew script.

3. Silver Ring with Eilat Stone and Western Wall Motif

Another exquisite option from acclaimed Israeli jeweler Rafael is this stunning Eilat Stone ring that you or your lucky gift recipient will be proud to display for an instant connection to the Land of Israel. Hand-crafted from sterling silver right in Israel, the ring boasts an Old Jerusalem stone wall design reminiscent of the Western Wall, and is set on top with a polished cut of Eilat Stone. And since every Eilat Stone is unique, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind!

4. Silver and Black Enamel Lion of Judah Ring

This elegant sterling silver ring is the perfect way to display your love for the city of Jerusalem! The solid band features a square of glistening black enamel, which has been decorated with a silver Lion of Judah standing tall. The symbol represents the strength of God and Israel, the Holy City of Jerusalem, and the Biblical Tribe of Judah. Made right in the Land of Israel, this ring is sure to become a treasured part of your or a loved one's personal jewelry collection for many years to come.

5. 14K Gold Star of David Pendant with Lion of Judah & Western Wall

For the fashion-forward man who loves Jerusalem and Biblical symbolism, we've got the perfect statement piece: this 14K gold Lion of Judah necklace! It features an intricately crafted Lion of Judah inside the pendant, laid over a Western Wall motif in a Star of David shape. Stylish and versatile, it'll go with any outfit and can be a meaningful gift for a birthday or other special occasion.

6.Sterling Silver and Gold Lion of Judah Western Wall Ring

Another stunning way of displaying the Lion of Judah motif is with this deluxe designer men's ring from Rafael Jewelry. Expertly crafted from 925 sterling silver, this chunky ring is adorned with an Old Jerusalem stone wall motif along its sides and is set on top with a 9K yellow gold Lion of Judah design. Your favorite man will stand out wherever he goes with this unique ring, while remembering our Biblical tradition and the Holy City of Jerusalem!

7. 14K Gold & Blue Enamel Men's Lion of Judah Diamond Signet Ring

This beautiful signet ring, with a 14K gold base, is the ultimate accent piece for any outfit, to add a touch of flare and Jewish pride. At the top, there is a depiction of the powerful Lion of Judah, set into blue enamel. The centerpiece is surrounded by border of white diamonds, and a etched design along the sides. This ring will make an elegant, luxurious, and well-appreciated gift for the modern Jewish man.


8. 14K Gold & Diamonds Star of David Old Jerusalem Necklace

A deluxe work of art from luxury jewelry studio Anbinder, this beautiful 14K gold Star of David pendant necklace is adorned in each corner with genuine diamonds while boasting an intricate depiction of Old Jerusalem in the center, including the Western Wall. Unique, stunning, and combining timeless beauty and traditional motifs with luxurious contemporary design, this necklace will help you or a lucky loved on connect with Jewish heritage and Jerusalem for many years to come! Choose from yellow gold, white gold, or yellow gold accented with rhodium plating to fit any style.

9. Sterling Silver and Jerusalem Stone Chai Necklace

Crafted by famous Israeli designer Rafael Jewelry, this beautiful sterling silver and Jerusalem Stone necklace features the iconic Hebrew symbol Chai, which means "life" and has become a modern symbol of Jewish identity. The center is set with gorgeous, eye-catching red Jerusalem Stone, so you can really have the Holy City close to your heart. You'll wear your Jewish values with pride and have an instant connection to a piece of Jerusalem wherever you go!

10. 14K Gold Hamsa Jerusalem Pendant Necklace with Star of David

This luxurious pendant necklace, made from 14K gold, is not only beautiful but brimming with symbolism and spiritual protection. The Hamsa design has long been associated with avoiding the Ayin Hara (Evil Eye), and the Hebrew text adorning the pendant is from the Priestly Blessing asking for God's protection. At the base is a depiction of the Old City of Jerusalem, and at the top is a Star of David. This necklace emanates Jewish pride!

11. 18K Gold Jerusalem Gate Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

Carry the Holy City close to your heart wherever you go with this special necklace that incorporates Jerusalem into its dazzling design. The stunning 18K gold pendant is set with gorgeous white diamonds at the base, and shows the iconic gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. This remarkable necklace is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold and make an eye-catching addition to your jewelry collection.

12. Jerusalem 14K Gold Star of David Pendant Necklace

Made from 14K gold by Israel's famous luxury studio Anbinder Jewelry, this exceptional pendant is shaped like a modern Star of David, with one of the triangles decorated with an elegant Western Wall design and featuring the word "Jerusalem" in Hebrew. You can choose from gleaming yellow gold or chic white gold options, and add a beautiful 14K gold box chain in your choice of length. Wear your love for Jerusalem and your Jewish pride with style and elegance!

13. 14K Yellow Gold Jerusalem Pendant

Connect your personal jewelry collection to the Holy City of Jerusalem with this magnificent designer pendant necklace from Rafael Jewelry! Made from 14K yellow gold, the stylish, round hollow pendant is decorated with a lovely depiction of Old Jerusalem, including its iconic stone walls and domed roofs. Elegant and special, this meaningful pendant is the perfect gift for someone close to you and sure to be cherished forever.

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