Lion of Judah jewelry is one of the most popular styles in men's and women's Jewish jewelry and represents the Tribe of Judah, the mighty tribe that kings of Israel came from and which most of today's Jews descend from, as well as leadership, strength, and fearlessness. The Lion of Judah is also the modern emblem of the city of Jerusalem, adding an extra layer of connection to the Land of Israel for the lucky wearer.

The strong and mighty lion can be found on some of the most stunning jewelry from the Land of Israel, and we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite pieces here that you don’t want to miss!

1. 14K Gold Lion of Judah Diamond Men's Signet Ring

Your or your special loved one's personal jewelry collection will never be the same once you add this deluxe designer signet ring from Anbinder Jewelry! It's elegantly crafted from 14K yellow gold, with a magnificent Lion of Judah design set against a blue enamel background and surrounded by a shimmering array of radiant white diamonds. A stunning blend of faith, Biblical symbolism, and fashion, you will love wearing this ring every chance you get - or gifting it to the most special and stylish man in your life!






2. Rafael Jewelry Star of David Necklace with Lion of Judah

With a career spanning five decades, Rafael is one of Israel’s most celebrated artisan jewelry designers, directly descended from personal jewelers to the Yemenite royal family. His work combines contemporary styling and modern design with the ancient art of silversmithing to create beautiful, timeless masterpieces - and this majestic sterling silver pendant is no exception! Featuring a Lion of Judah made from 9K gold at the center of a silver Star of David, this pendant - available in a choice of two different sizes - truly exemplifies Jewish pride and meaning.






3. Silver & Black Enamel Lion of Judah Ring

This elegant sterling silver ring is the perfect way to display your love for the city of Jerusalem! The solid band features a square of glistening black enamel, which has been decorated with a silver Lion of Judah standing tall. The symbol represents the strength of God and Israel, the Holy City of Jerusalem, and the Biblical Tribe of Judah. Made right in the Land of Israel, this ring is sure to become a treasured part of your or a loved one's personal jewelry collection for many years to come.






4. Star of David & Lion of Judah 14K Gold Necklace

Crafted right in the Holy City of Jerusalem by local artisans, this beautiful pendant necklace combines two powerful Jewish motifs: the iconic Star of David along with a roaring Lion of Judah. Appropriate for men and women and all ages, it comes in your choice of 14K yellow or white gold. This piece is both chic and traditional, and makes a wonderful gift that'll be treasured for years to come!






5. 14K Gold Lion of Judah Pendant Necklace

If you're looking for something elegant yet unique, an outstanding way to wear the Lion of Judah symbol is with this beautifully crafted gold necklace from the Land of Israel! This expertly detailed Lion of Judah pendant is made by luxury Israeli studio Anbinder and available in 14K white and yellow gold options, and will make a fantastic gift for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or just to show a loved one how much you appreciate and admire them.






6. Sterling Silver Lion of Judah Men's Ring with Eilat Stone

The special man in your life will love showing off his Jewish pride and love of the Land of Israel with this exceptional ring! Crafted from 925 sterling silver by popular Israeli artist Marina Jewelry, this ring is set on top with an elegant cut of Eilat Stone, the unique national stone of Israel, along with a gold-plated Lion of Judah and gold-plated Stars of David. The inside of the band features the words "Lion of Judah" embossed against a darkened background, for an extra detail he'll appreciate every time he puts it on.






7. Silver Ten Commandments Ring with Lion of Judah

Another magnificent option from renowned Israeli jewelers Marina Jewelry is chic and elegant unisex sterling silver ring! It features a representation of the Ten Commandments tablets along with multiple Jewish motifs for extra layers of meaning: a crown representing God’s kingship, two Lion of Judah emblems, and Stars of David. The inside of the ring, meanwhile, is engraved with the words “Lion of Judah.” An extraordinary gift for yourself or anyone on your list!






8.Silver & Eilat Stone Lion of Judah Necklace

Upgrade your wardrobe or dazzle a loved one with this stunning Lion of Judah necklace! It features a polished cut of Eilat Stone set in a sterling silver frame and is decorated on top with an intricately carved, sterling silver Lion of Judah emblem, to represent the Biblical Tribe of Judah and the City of Jerusalem. Both beautiful and meaningful, it makes for an eye-catching display of one’s heritage and Jewish pride.






9. 14K Gold Star of David Unisex Pendant with Lion of Judah and Western Wall Motif

This exquisite Star of David pendant, featuring a Western Wall motif and the Lion of Judah emblem, beautifully captures this rich Jewish history. King David established Jerusalem as the capital, and funded the Temples construction, and now you can keep this history close at hear. Crafted from 14K yellow or white gold, this stunning necklace is an ideal gift for a bat mitzvah, wedding gift, or any special occasion for someone who cherishes their Jewish heritage.






10. Silver & Gold Lion of Judah Western Wall Men's Ring

We're rounding out our list with yet another stunning way of displaying the Lion of Judah motif, with this deluxe designer men's ring from Rafael Jewelry. Expertly handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, this chunky ring is adorned with an Old Jerusalem stone wall motif along its sides and is set on top with a 9K yellow gold Lion of Judah design. Your favorite man will stand out wherever he goes with this unique ring, while remembering our Biblical tradition and the Holy City of Jerusalem!






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