March ChagallMarc Chagall was one of the greatest Jewish artists in modern history, beloved not just by Jewish communities but also by the entire world. Best known for his painting, stained glass and use of color, Chagall's artwork is considered to be "European modernism", as he spent most of his life in Europe learning to paint. Praised by artists like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall's masterpieces are truely something special. Chagall's Jewish connection influenced many of his pieces. One of his largest pieces is the stained glass windows at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem depicting the 12 Tribes of Israel.  He has also created stained glass windows for the UN building in New York and partially painted the ceiling of the Paris Opera.

Serigraphs and Lithographs

Serigraphs and LithographsMarc Chagall serigraphs and lithographs include some of his most famous pieces, such as replicas of the stained glass windows at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, The Exodus and more. These exclusive limited edition prints are done in Chagall's typical style and bursting with color. These serigraphs and lithographs are a classic masterpiece of Jewish art that would be an honor to have in your home. Traditional Jewish art is a wonderful thing to have in your home, with the classics of Chagall being a first choice in home decor. 

❤︎ We love the Asher serigraph and the Le Bouquet De Renoncules lithograph.


PostersPosters of Marc Chagall's artwork includes Jewish and secular themes from around the world. These posters can be the centerpiece of any room in your home or office as they add a unique aspect to the decor.  Almost everyone can appreciate Marc Chagall's wonderful posters with his signature at the bottom. Choose from some his most popular and iconic works to have as a your own, or choose a few to hang up together. Marc Chagall posters are wonderful for any room and are some of his most unique works, some of which might not be obvious that they are Chagall.

❤︎ We love the "Lovers" poster and the "Jew with Torah" poster.


MezuzahsMezuzahs are the symbol of a Jewish home and give a sneak peak as to what is on the other side of the door. Marc Chagall's mezuzah cases feature all 12 windows of Hadassah Hospital's 12 Tribes, as well as a replica of a painting of King David that hangs in the Knesset building in Israel and one of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments.  These limited edition mezuzah cases are perfect for your front door, living room or anywhere that you would want to show off your Jewish pride!

❤︎ We love the Levi mezuzah and the 10 Commandments mezuzah.