Red String BraceletsUnsure of the exact history of the red string, what we do know is that the color red is supposed to keep the ayin hara- evil inclination- away.  The Kabbalistic bracelet is often worn by celebrities following the traditional rules, where it is made of wool, tied on your left wrist with seven knots in it.  However, no where in Judaism does it say that those rules are required, which opens doors to a beautiful selection of red string bracelets. Made from all different materials and including charms, beads and decorative clasps, these bracelets are the perfect addition for keeping the good vibes near by as well as blending into your daily style. Enjoy looking at all the gorgeous red string bracelets from the Judaica Web Store and we hope you find your new favorite red string bracelet!

Leather Red String Bracelet

Leather Red String BraceletsLeather red string bracelets are a statement themselves. Made from quality crimson leather, many of these bracelets are adorned with charms and beads with Jewish versus and Kabbalistic names of G-d.  The balance between the leather band and the silver and gold beads creates a straightforward style that is perfect for daily wear.  Made with either braided leather pieces or soft bands of crimson, these leather bracelets will quickly become your new beloved piece of iconic jewelry.

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Kabbalah Pendant Red String Bracelet

Kabbalah BraceletsThe red string bracelet already has kabbalistic origins to it, but for something with a little more power, take a look at our selection of Kabbalah pendant red string bracelets. Aside from hamsa and tiny silver fish charms, these bracelets include a few spiritual names of G-d which are said to represent different aspects of general well-being. The three most famous being Aleph-Lamed-Gimmel which protects against the Evil Eye, Mem-Hay-Shin is said to protect one's health and the letters Samech- Aleph-Lamed are to bring wealth.  No matter which you choose, you know you'll have a little extra help along your wrist.

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Scripture Red String Bracelet

Scripture BraceletsScripture red string bracelets include beads with different Jewish versus and quotes such as the powerful Kabbalistic poem of Ana Bekoach, the most well known prayer of Shema Yisrael, Judaism's love quote of Ani Ledodi and more.  These magnificent bracelets are the perfect gift for the one you love and they will really appreciate such a special present and it's meaning.  A bit more bold in their look, these scripture red string bracelets are also great for men and will stand out on your wrist.

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