As the holiday with the sweetest reputation, Rosh Hashanah provides us with a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and share two exciting days of celebrations, prayer, and delicious meals with the ones we love. It's a time of great joy, but you can make Rosh Hashanah even sweeter by using this time to surprise your guests - especially any children who are present - with a special gift to mark the occasion! Meaningful Rosh Hashanah gifts are not only a wonderful way to show your children and grandchildren that you're thinking of them; they're also a brilliant way to introduce new holiday customs and traditions into their lives and get them excited about the holidays and their own ancient heritage.

 Kiddush Cups

Like every festival, the Rosh Hashanah meals start with Kiddush, the special blessing recited over wine or grape juice.  Your little ones will love being able to join in with this ancient ritual and drink their grape juice from their very own little cup! Our selection includes options for every price point, ranging from simple, super affordable metal designs to silver kiddush cups decorated with exquisite colored enamel.

Choose from different colored rings on this Kiddish cup that will fit your child's personality

Jewish Jewelry

Nothing makes a little girl feel all grown up quite as much as receiving her first piece of "real" jewelry - so, start her New Year on a high note with a gorgeous piece of children's jewelry from Israel.  Get her something special for Rosh Hashanah like an apple or pomegranate necklace or something she'll love to wear year-round with a classic Jewish icon. No matter what you choose, your little girl is going to love it!

A small hint of flower power surrounded by lots of love


Children's Clothing

New clothes are always exciting, so celebrate the New Year with amazing clothes your kids will want to wear time after time! We offer a great choice of Israeli t-shirts with unique Israel and Jerusalem designs and the insignia for various IDF (Israeli Defense Force) units. We also offer an outstanding range of camel sandals for kids - handmade from premium leather, they offer the perfect support for growing, active little feet.

Your child will enjoy getting to know Israel through this colorful Aleph-Bet Shirt!

Children's Books

Classically Jewish gifts, books make timeless presents that will be loved for years to come. If your child started attended synagogue services with you, consider looking into our impressive selection of children's and youth prayer books.  Alternatively, consider a Torah scroll replica - Simchat Torah is just around the corner and your little ones will love being able to join the festive dancing with their own lightweight Torah scroll!

Koren is one of Israel's most prized publishers- children love this beginners siddur!

Cute Gifts and Souvenirs

Not all gifts have to be deeply meaningful - sometimes, cute and quirky fits the bill! Don't miss these super huggable plush toys - complete with Israeli flags and place names, they're perfect gifts to make your kids smile. If your kids are artsy and enjoy being hands-on, don't miss these fantastic Jewish DIY project kits which include 3D models and mosaics. And for kids who like a challenge, check out these amazing handmade wooden games from Gaya.

A soft bear they will love to hug over and over again


If you still need more New Year's gift ideas for your little ones, check out our complete collection of gifts for kids!