SEA Smadar Eliasaf is a high end jewelry company run by Smadar Eliasaf and Sigal Artzi, with their initials creating the name of the brand. Eliasaf works as the designer while Artzi takes on the marketing side of things, and the two have been a team since 2002. Their brand is often recognized as one of the jewelers featured in many duty-frees, but the Judaica WebStore gives you the chance to purchase from them without having to fly. Always in tune to what is new and upcoming in the fashion industry, SEA is modern, classy, and versatile with some timeless pieces.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry has always been a symbol of elegance, and nothing changes with that earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that can be found in the SEA collection. Whether it feature the smooth white pearl as the highlight of the jewelry such as a pearl and leather ring, or used to build upon a magnificent piece, pearl jewelry will forever look wonderful on anyone of all ages. Options of pearl jewelry are available in the classic gold and silver, but also in leather for a truely unique experience.

🖤 We love these gold pearl drop earrings and this pearl elastic bracelet.

Swarovski Crystal

Glittering Swarovski crystal jewelry are one of SEA's favorite. The glittering crystals add an extra element to any pieces, many of which incorporate another type of stone in them. From the simplistic earrings that can be dressed up or down to eye catching bracelets, these clean and clear stones have a high value but not a high price, making them the ideal gift for a friend, partner, or yourself! If you love Jewish symbols, SEA Smadar Eliasaf has great Hamsa jewelry, making it the perfect combination of tradition and style. Add a little sparkle to your outfit for any occasion with SEA Swarovski crystal jewelry.

🖤 We love this golden Hamsa necklace and any of these bold rings.

Leather Jewelry

When it comes to leather jewelry, one often associates a rugged look to it, but with SEA leather jewelry, the leather blends beautifully with Swarovski crystal, pearls, turquoise, and other semi-precious stones. Just as there is a variety of semi-precious stones, there is also a great selection of colored leather with her magnificent bracelets. In this section, you will also find incredible men' jewelry. Discover beautiful leather bracelets and rings that are sure to make a special present.

🖤 We love this Heart Beat ring and this leather and silver bracelet.


Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry will bring you back to the Tel Aviv beaches, watching the Mediterranean Sea. The blue green stone is popular in Israeli jewelry and Kabbalah jewelry. Many of SEA turquoise jewelry incorporates leather as the main material but the soft leather and bright turquoise beautifully compliment each other. The semi-precious stone is so versatile and turquoise jewelry brings a pop of color into any outfit like these earrings, so why not make your new favorite piece something from Israel.

🖤 We love this Treasure Island bracelet.