Spinning RingOne of the more unique pieces of Jewish jewelry is the spinning ring. These rings come with different blessings and versus or a picture of Jerusalem on them, and what makes them extra special is the fact the bands spin around. Some rings have just one blessing or verse while others have a few, each written on its own band that spins on the ring itself. Designs come in simple silver or gold, or some combination of the two and range to something incredible with diamonds on it. Spinning rings are something elegant turned into something fun, and who wouldn't love that?

Shema Yisrael

Shema Yisrael RingsShema Yisrael is not just one of the most popular versus in Judaism, it is also one of the most popular versus found on jewelry, leading Shema Yisrael jewelry to be a best seller. These spinning rings come in a variety of styles, some of which are perfect for men and women alike, like this gold and silver ring. This style even comes with different looks like this one with a highlighted shine and this thin band that could be a stacking ring. There are is also a yellow gold ring with white gold highlights and a beautiful band with a weaving design made with zircon stones. If you still want the glamor but not the sparkle, this double spinning ring has an amazing design above the Shema Yisrael engraving.

❤︎ We love this sterling silver ring and this multi-blessing ring.

Love Expressions

Love Expressions Rings Love Expressions spinning rings is one way to show your love in a unique way and sometimes even use as a wedding ring! Some of the most precious rings include the verse Ani Ledodi, which means "I am to my beloved" and looks amazing with opal or in gold with a Torah type font.  There are also phrases like "my soul loves" which looks gorgeous with gold and silver bands and rings that speak of everlasting love that are the perfect addition to a wedding band. If you're looking for something that shows your wife, partner, girlfriend, even your mom, is the best woman in the world, check out these Woman of Valor rings that are sure to dazzle her.

❤︎ We love this multi-banded "my soul loves" ring and this wedding ring with the seven blessings.

Priestly Blessing

Priestly Blessing RingsThe Priestly Blessing is something that is said everyday in Israel and during special holidays across the rest of the world. Just like many of the spinning rings, these Priestly Blessing rings also follow the sleek silver and gold design which also can be found with a cool cut-out look. If you want something that sparkles, then this ring that includes a cubic zirconia band is just for you. Also following the classic design of a gold background and a silver spinning section, is this textured ring with the blessing stamped on it. Any of these Priestly Blessing rings would make a great choice in jewelry if you are looking for something with this powerful blessing on it.

❤︎ We love this mixed metals ring and this classic silver and gold ring.

Traveler's Prayer

Traveler's Prayer Rings

The Traveler's Prayer is said whenever one is traveling, even if it is just to another city. Some rings include the whole prayer like this thick silver one, and others include a quote from Psalms that says "For He shall command His angels for you, to guard you on all your paths." This gorgeous thin band and this one with a slightly thicker text are absolutely stunning and any of these Traveler's Prayer rings would be a great gift for someone planning on traveling the world or who travels for work.

❤︎ We love this Star of David ring.