Talitnia is one of Israel's most beloved and well-known tallit companies. The company started off in David Avner's backyard in Tel Aviv in 1927, as a way to create beautiful and soft tallitot (plural for tallit in Hebrew) since the only tallitot available were made of a harsh material. Avner learnt how to make tallitot from his father, Jacob Koppel, back in Poland at the prestigious Tikochin tallit factory which was established in 1898. The Tikochin factory was well known around the world, shipping across Europe and the US but was ultimately destroyed during the Holocaust. Talitnia keeps the memory of the Tikochin factory alive, and has been providing the world with quality tallitot, just like the Tikochin factory who inspired Talitnia's creation.



Traditional Tallitot

The traditional tallit is white with blue or black stripes on each side, as inspired the Israeli flag, or with left white with subtle decoration. Talitnia has an incredible selection of these tallitot in all sizes and even better, in a variety of color. If one wants something different, they can choose from black and silver stripes, white and gold stripes and even light blue stripes, all on a white background. Any of these would be the perfect first tallit for a Bar Mitzvah boy or for a married man depending on what your tradition is.

❤︎ We lovethis blue and silver tallit.







Bnei Or Tallitot

Bnei Or Tallit

Bnei Or tallitot aren't just beautiful but tell a story. Inspired by the Zohar, these tallitot have a rainbow of colors representing the light that was when the world was created. This rainbow option is a wonderful touch of color in an item representing a mystical side of Judaism. A Bnei Or tallit an unusual striped pattern but are incredibly unique and incredibly special. Bnei Or tallitot are meaningful and will never disappoint.

❤︎ We love this multicolored tallit.







Jerusalem Tallitot

For when you want to incorporate Jerusalem into your spiritual life, these tallitot are just for you. In a light blue and colorful option, these tallitot feature the Jerusalem skyline and say "Yerushalim, Ir Shel Shalom" which means, "Jerusalem, a city of peace". Whenever you wear this tallit while praying, you will always have Jerusalem on your mind and in your heart while bringing the spirituality of such a holy city to where ever you might be.

❤︎ We love this vibrant and colorful Jerusalem tallit.







Modern Tallitot

Modern Tallit

A modern tallit is an artistic tallit, one full of personality and bursting with color. Many of the favorite modern tallitot from Talitina are the Jerusalem ones and the rainbow Bnei Or ones. Some of these modern tallitot have thicker stripes but have tons of color like this purple and white one or this black and white one that is out of the ordinary. Any of these modern tallitot would be an honor to wear, something different to have, and enhance your spiritual journey.

❤︎ We love this Seven Species tallit.