If you love waking up to a fresh cup coffee or enjoying a warm cup of tea, this list is for you. Israel is said to have the best coffee in the world, so much so that even the biggest café-chain in the world failed in the country. Tea here is a favorite;  nothing beats a fresh mint and lemon tea after a meal. Even some offices have nana (mint) on hand! Though Israel doesn't have much winter culture, tea and coffee are enjoyed all year round.


TeaTea is always a delight to have, and Israeli tea is simply the best. Israelis tend to have fresh herbs for tea on hand at all times to go with a well stocked tea selection. The teas you'll find are made in Israel, enjoyed here and around the globe. From fruit infusions like this exotic fruit tea to regular herbal teas like this lemongrass and verbena tea, these teas are great for warming you up in the winter or cool you down in the summer as a sweet iced tea, especially this mango-passionfruit one. If you want to make your tea experience extra sweet, add in a little Israeli honey. The different kinds of honey come from across Israel, and use a variety of nectars.

❤︎ We love this Nana (mint) tea and this Masala Chai.


Coffee in Israel is serious business, to the point that sometimes Israelis bring their own coffee when they travel because they think it can't be beat. Everyone has their drinks- whether its Turkish coffee made over a fire while on a hike, flavored instant coffee when you're in a rush or incredible Nespresso compatible capsules with beans from different countries and variable caffeine strengths, these do not disappoint. Enjoy the flavors that all Israelis agree are the absolute best in the world.

❤︎ We love this Turkish coffee and this coffee with cardamom


What else would you drink your hot drinks in besides for mugs? To go along with the serious coffee and tea drinkers of Israel, you need to have a serious mug, and everyone has their favorite. Choose from an incredible selection, with funny options like this Mensch one, artistic creativity at the front, something thought provoking, show your support for the IDF, or just looks good like this stamps mug. Armenian Ceramic, Barbara Shaw, and Ofek Wertman have some of the best mugs that make a great present paired with a great tea and honey or coffee!

❤︎ We love this Reuven Rubin mug and this Keep Calm mug.

Armenian Ceramics

Armenian Ceramics Armenian Ceramics is a traditional style of art found in Israel, specifically Jerusalem. If you enjoy hosting and bring out tea or coffee during dessert, or just love having a friend over for coffee, Armenian Ceramic sugar bowls, tea and coffee pots, and milk pots are worth taking a look at. Beautiful pieces to impress your guest with and help you make coffee and tea for the masses in a stylish way. Armenian Ceramic has been a part of Jerusalem art for over 100 years and is a part of tradition that you can bring home.

❤︎ We love this flower teapot and this blue and white sugar bowl.




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