If you're constantly on the go or have some travel planned, you're probably thinking about how to accommodate and keep your traditions or add a token of Jewish spiritual protection while you're away from your familiar setting.

Have no fear, because we’ve picked out our favorite uniquely compact Judaica pieces made especially for travel - so you can welcome and end shabbat, recite blessings or read the Bible, and feel connected to Jewish tradition wherever your journeys take you!


1. Danon Pomegranate Travel Candlesticks (Choice of Stone Color)

If you travel often - or have a child going away to summer camp or college - you need this convenient, foldable shabbat candlestick set for a beautiful reminder of shabbat and Jewish tradition! Crafted from silver-plated pewter by renowned Israeli design studio Danon, this pomegranate-shaped set is decorated with an elegant floral design and accented with genuine Swarovski stones in your choice of red or blue color. The foldable pomegranate opens up into two candleholders and comes with two tealight candles. Beautiful, convenient, and practical, this set will lighten up your shabbat wherever you go!






2. Shabbat Travel Set - 5 pieces

Another one of our favorite options for a travel Shabbat kit is this all-in-one set. From the start of Shabbat until it ends, this set has everything covered, as it has candles and a kiddush cup for Friday night, and a havdalah candle and spice box. This set is easily packed, and the tealight candles easily replaced as needed. There is even a booklet with all the blessings for Shabbat. This set means you can go anywhere and not have to worry over Shabbat.






3. Hammered Nickel Travel Havdalah Set (Choice of Colors)

You've got the candleholders to welcome shabbat, but what about the havdalah ritual at the end of the day or rest? Be ready for havdalah on the go - or in a tight space at home or in a dorm - with this travel havdalah set from Jerusalem-based designer Yair Emanuel! The chic metal cylinder is adorned with a hammered finish and elegant rings in your choice of color, and opens up into a candleholder and spice box. It even comes with a candle and spices, and is engraved on the outside with part of the blessing for welcoming a new week, "HaMavdil Bein Kodesh L'Chol" ("who separates between the holy and the ordinary").






4. Compact Hebrew/English Koren Jerusalem Bible

Have the words of the Bible with you wherever you go! This compact Hebrew-English Bible edition from highly acclaimed religious publisher Koren Jerusalem will let you study Torah or read the Parshat HaShavua (weekly portion) with ease while on the go. And what's more, it comes with all the features you'll love like a modern translation by leading Biblical scholars, an easy-to-read Hebrew font, and an array of helpful annotations, maps, charts, and illustrations.






5. Hamsa Keychain with Traveler's Prayer (Choice of Colors)

Carry a classic Jewish good luck charm and amulet for safe travels with this Hamsa Traveler's Prayer keychain in a choice of several different vibrant colors. It's shaped like a Hamsa hand, the ancient Jewish symbol invoking Divine protection, and is inscribed on one side with the traditional Traveler's Prayer that's commonly recited before significant journeys of any length, whether long car rides or flights across the world. The other side is beautifully adorned with an array of meaningful Jewish symbols, including pomegranates, birds, an eye motif to ward off the "evil eye," and the Hebrew word mazal or luck.






6. Anodized Aluminum Caterpillar Hanukkah Menorah (Variety of Colors)

It's never too early to start thinking about Hanukkah! If you live in a small space, plan to travel around the holidays, or have a child going away to college or getting their first apartment, you'll need a compact menorah - and this unique aluminum caterpillar Hanukkah menorah will add joy and style to your holiday celebrations while taking up minimal space. Made by innovative Jerusalem-based artist Ido Drukker, the caterpillar-shaped menorah is available in an array of elegant colors and fits standard Hanukkah candles. Carry it in its convenient cloth travel pouch, or display it as a fun piece of home décor when not in use!






7. Danon Star of David and Old Jerusalem Travel Candlesticks

Another beautiful and travel-friendly shabbat candlestick set is this double-sided foldable set from Israeli design studio Danon. One side is adorned with a Star of David along with the words "Shabbat Shalom" and part of the traditional blessing for lighting shabbat candles, while the other features a depiction of the Western Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem, with the Hebrew verse "If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem" from Psalms 137:5. The piece folds out to form two shabbat candlesticks, perfect for standard tealights, and is sure to become a beloved reminder of Jewish tradition and the Land of Israel no matter where you are!






8. Traveler's Prayer Car Mezuzah (Choice of Design)

While standard mezuzahs are meant to adorn the doorways of one's home, there is a more modern tradition of affixing a small mezuzah replica inside one's car near the doors or dashboard, containing the text of the Traveler's Prayer inside. And what better way to carry this special amulet on all your car trips than with this stunning metal car mezuzah decorated in your choice of Jewish motifs! Choose from a Western Wall and menorah design, an Old Jerusalem scene, olive branches, a Star of David, or a simple Hebrew letter Shin surrounded by a modern design.






9. Aluminum Folding Travel Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors)

We can't get enough of Yair Emanuel's innovative, stylish, and affordable Judaica, and another must-have travel piece is this fabulous folding Hanukkah menorah. It's made of lightweight aluminum and boasts a chic hammered finish and decorative stripes - in your choice of vibrant multi colors or elegant blues. The compact piece folds out into a fully functional menorah with spaces for eight candles and a raised shamash helper candle. Add our handmade Hanukkah candles in a choice of colors, and you'll be ready for the holiday season no matter where you might be celebrating!






10. Danon Hamsa Traveler's Prayer Car Hanging

This silver-plated Hamsa Traveler's Prayer hanging is a must-have car accessory to bring luck and tradition to every trip! Made right in Israel by acclaimed design studio Danon, the design resembles an ancient scroll and features an embossed Hamsa hand on one side and the Hebrew words of the classic Traveler's Prayer for safe journeys on the other. The meaningful piece will add an element of both style and spirituality to every car trip, or make for a wonderful gift for a loved one who travels often.






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