Yiddish has been a common language of European Jewish since the 9th century CE. Mostly derived from German, even in communities where it is no longer or was never spoken, Jews around the world have latched onto slangs, sayings, idioms, and other expressive phrases when no other words will do. For many people, it is not only a language but a large part of Jewish cultural identity and a point of celebration and pride.

And naturally, we've got some fun Yiddish gifts from Israeli artists to help you express your Jewish pride, along with our top handpicked favorites below:



1. Mensch T-Shirt and Mensch Mug

A mensch is any stand up guy, helping others in need or patiently helping his mother fix a computer issue. A great gift for the special mensch in your life or to show off that you're an NJB (nice Jewish boy) for any oncoming grandmothers. This design features the word 'Mensch' in English and Yiddish spelling, along with a set of angelic wings that any mensch is probably hiding.

The shirt is offered in a variety of colors and the mug has an option of two handle-and-interior colors.








2. Man Plans and God Laughs: Mug, Shirt & Hoodie

This is a classic Yiddish idiom and good mantra for when things don't go as expected. "Der mensch trackt un Got lacht" (man plans and God laughs) is a good line to keep to remember when things seem to go wrong, it's all part of something bigger. Carry this phrase around on a shirt, hoodie, or mug as a humorous reminder of fate. All the designs have the phrase in Yiddish and English, and the mug and hoodie each have icons, while the shirt has an iconic "Creation of Adam" design.








3. A Yiddishe Mamme T-Shirt and Mug

Nothing keeps the home together like a Yiddishe Mamme (Jewish Mom). If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift, or just want to show your appreciation for your Yiddishe Mamme, this mug or T-Shirt design would be the perfect thing. The shirts and mugs come in a wide range of colors for whatever her preference is. The message, written in Yiddish and captioned in English, is surrounded in a floral wreath.








4. My Dad Is A Mensch Mug

Want to find the ideal gift to show some appreciation for you're tatteh (dad)? This is a lovely mug to give to any father for his morning coffee. The text reads "My Dad is a מענטש" (Mensch), meaning a stand-up guy.








5. Bubbe Knows Best

Whether there's chicken soup over the stove when you arrive, funny Jewish stories, or anything else that feels like home, you've probably got a Bubbe. Show your appreciation for your mother or grandmother with this excellent T-Shirt since "Bubbe Knows Best". This is the perfect Jewish tee if you want to show up to your next Purim party and give everyone a laugh, or to find something for Mother's Day.








6. Zayde T-Shirt

First he's got the grandkids, now he's got the T-Shirt. This shirt has the word 'Zayde' in English and Yiddish writing, perfect for every Ashkenazi grandfather. If you're looking for a gift, or if you're showing up at your next family's gathering and want to make a splash, this is the ideal shirt, available in a choice of colors.








7. Schlep Eco Tote Bag

For schlepping across town or schlepping groceries, have a bag that expresses exactly how you feel. This 'schlep' bag, with both Yiddish and English letters is the perfect accessory wherever you need to go. This bag is available in beige or in black.








8. Oy Gevalt T-Shirt

Oy gevalt, or "oh no!" (literally "oh violence") is one of the classic Ashkenazi Jewish expressions of surprise, frustration, disapproval, or whatever else might come up. Get ready for all the bumps that come up in life and know just what to say with this great shirt. This shirt has a chaotic font to accompany the emotion.







9. Kein Ayin Hara Hamsa Unisex T-Shirt

This "kein ayin hara" for "(there should be) no Evil Eye" written in both Yiddish and English spelling is accompanied with a Hamsa, a symbol associated with a deflection of the Evil Eye. This Hamsa is design has a depiction of the Evil Eye and an Old City Jerusalem motif. Whether you're shopping for a man or a woman, this is a unisex design.







10. Oy Vey T-Shirt

For any oy-ous, not so joyous, moment in life, this 'Oy Vey!' shirt is great as a bit of humor. Whether you're going to a party and want to make a splash, or you're looking for a gift for someone who finds humor in life's troubles, this is the perfect shirt for you. Pick from a choice of different colors, each with the same great design.








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