Yair Emanuel Matzah Covers

Yair Emanuel Matzah Covers

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Designer Passover Table Essentials Set in Blue
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Passover Seder Essentials Set
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19 Items
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Enrich your Passover Seder or any other festive meal with a gorgeous designer Matzah cover from the Land of Israel. At Judaica WebStore, our collection includes a wide variety of top-of-the-line Matzah covers from noted Israeli designers, including Yair Emanuel, Barbara Shaw and others.

Made from fine and durable materials, our Matzah cover collection includes Matzah covers that are adorned with traditional Jewish symbols (including pomegranates, grapes and Matzah), Matzah covers that are decorated with vivid artistic representations of the Holy City of Jerusalem, Matzah covers that boast ornate and refined designs as well as Matzah covers with fun and colorful designs.

To help give a sense of order to your Seder meal, many of our Matzah covers feature separate compartments for each piece of Matzah that is used throughout the meal. In addition, we also have sets of matching Matzah covers and Afikoman bags so that your Seder decor will look extra special.

Both beautiful and meaningful, we are sure that you and your family will love using these Matzah covers at every Passover meal for many years to come!!!

You can read more about our range of Matzah covers here.

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