Ofek Wertman Nachman of Breslov Ceramic Mug (Yellow Lettering)

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Inspire yourself every morning with this wonderful coffee mug that is inscribed with the wise words of the Hasidic leader Rabbi Nachman, "HaYom Bo Noladeta Hu HaYom Bo Hichlit HaKadosh Baruch Hu Shehaolam Eino Yachol LeHitkayem Biladecha" (The day on which you were born was the day that God decided that the world could not exist without you). 

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Height: 9 cm / 3.5 inches

Add a drop of inspiration to your morning coffee with this Nachman of Breslov Ceramic Mug. The design features yellow lettering on a vibrant blue background, with the famous quote, in Hebrew, attributed to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov: "The day you were born is the day that G-d decided that the world could not exist without you". This mug would make a great gift for a birthday or other special occasion.

Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Ofek Wertman Design Studio is a Jewish gift shop that specializes in Israeli-made one-of-a-kind works of art perfect as home décor or gifts for your loved ones. Founded in 2006, their works combine current Israeli style with Judaism’s rich history, creating fun and modern pop-art inspired products. Using a variety of great materials and artistic skills, this wonderful studio creates the most special and unique pieces you’ll find!

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