Passover Wine

Passover Wine
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Pesach is coming up, so make sure you've stocked up on kosher wine for Passover. This holiday, make sure you don't just get any old wine, but rather the best red wine for Passover to truly elevate the Pesach Seder. We've got some of the finest wines in the world, grown and produced in Israel now. Not only does kosher wine go through rigorous supervision from the moment the seeds are planted in the ground through the bottling process, but you can get wine without additives for Passover here.

Our selection of Passover wines includes some of the very best you will ever taste: Merlot, Cabarnet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay, from Israel's best wineries: Golan, Yarden, Castel, and more. L'Chaim!

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