The central event of Passover is the Passover Seder when family and friends gather round for a festive meal that retells the Jewish People's liberation from slavery and Exodus from Egypt. Whether you're spending this year's Seder with your nearest and dearest, or whether you've been invited to a Seder with people you've never met before, your hosts are sure to have put a lot of time and effort into making this year's Seder an unforgettable experience.

Bringing your host a gift is a great way to show your appreciation and spread the holiday joy. At Judaica Web Store we have a wonderful range of Passover Gifts for you to choose from. To help you decide what to buy, we have put together this list of 10 Best Passover Gifts for Hosts in 2023!



1. The Liberty Hebrew-English Passover Haggadah - Gold Edition

The Passover story is one of liberation and freedom, so what better gift for your host than a Haggadah that's all about liberty? This superb Gold Edition Hebrew-English Liberty Haggadah focuses on the Jewish yearning to return to Israel and the rebirth of the nation, infusing the traditional Passover message with a modern and relevant meaning. With fascinating photographs and images associated with Passover, Jewish life in the diaspora, and the Zionist dream of returning to the Land, this exclusive Haggadah is both stylish and meaningful and makes a spectacular gift for your host this Passover!





2. Passover Seder Plate & Matzah Holder Set – Passover Words (Brown)

If your host is a lover of the Hebrew language, this Passover Seder Plate & Matzah Holder Set is the one for them! The stunning Seder plate and matching matzah holder are embellished with a range of Passover-related words in Hebrew on a stylish brown-beige background. At the center of the Seder plate, the word "Pesach" (Passover) is displayed and is surrounded by the names of the six symbolic foods - each with their set place on the plate. The matzah holder displays the words "matzah", "Pesach", and "Seder". Brought to you from Israel's eternal capital, this Passover set is sure to bring a whole new meaning to "Next Year in Jerusalem!" this year.




3. Armenian Ceramics Exclusive Passover Gift Set

Find all your Passover essential gifts in one place with this awesome Armenian Ceramics Exclusive Passover Gift Set. This sensational set contains a stunning Seder plate and Cup of Elijah, both designed and handcrafted by the skilled Armenian artisans of Jerusalem's Old City. Each piece is decorated with classic, colorful Armenian floral patterns and is accented by the bold blue borders that are iconic of Armenian Ceramics designs. The set also includes a beautifully illustrated Passover Hebrew-English Haggadah and a tasty jar of Traditional Haroset by Lin's Farm. Both artistic and practical, this splendid set is a truly thoughtful gift idea for your host this Passover!




4. Armenian Ceramic Classic Matzah Plate

Since matzah is a central ingredient of the Passover Seder, why not gift your host with a magnificent matzah plate from Israel!? Beautifully hand-crafted by the skilled Armenian artisans of Jerusalem, this majestic matzah tray is hand-painted with a colorful floral motif and the word "Matzah" in both Hebrew and English, while the rim is decorated with the bold blue border that is iconic of Armenian ceramics. Practical, but also a work of art in its own right, this majestic matzah plate is a terrific gift for Passover that your host will surely appreciate.





5. Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging – Home Blessing (Hebrew)

If you really want to make an impression on your host, why not gift them with an astonishing wall hanging that they can take pride in for years to come? This stunning home blessing by renowned Israeli designer, Dorit Judaica, displays Hebrew words of blessing for the home in a sensationally stylish design. Among the blessings are "ahava" (love), "shefa" (abundance), "simcha" (joy), and "shalom" (peace). A meaningful piece of home décor from Israel, your host is sure to treasure this wonderful wall hanging!





6. Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Laser Cut Bowl - Jerusalem

The Passover ends with the words "LeShanah Haba'ah Be'Yerushalayim!" ("Next Year in Jerusalem!"), so why not bring your host a little closer to Jerusalem with this phenomenal hand-painted laser-cut bowl? Designed by renowned Israeli artist, Yair Emanuel, this beautiful piece of art displays a colorful depiction of Jerusalem, complete with its iconic domes. Both stylish and practical, this is a Passover gift that your host is sure to love!





7. Martin Holt Jewish Humor Wall Clock – Swimming

If you're going to a host with a sense of humor, this fantastic wall clock is the gift for them! Depicting the humorous image of Moses parting the waters at a swimming pool so that Hasidic man can run, this captivating clock gives a light-hearted take on the Exodus from Egypt that is at the center of the Passover story. Joyful, practical, and on topic, this clock will make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves to show off their quirky Jewish humor.






8. Yair Emanuel Luxury Passover Gift Set

Like every Jewish holiday, Passover begins with candle lighting and the sanctification of the holiday over wine - so why not give your hosts these beautiful matching candlesticks and a Kiddush cup set! This Luxury Passover Gift Set from Yair Emanuel contains just that - with a chic hammered finish and stylish blue rings - along with 3 hand towels made specifically for Passover, colorfully embroidered with the Hebrew names of different parts of the Seder. Both practical and stylish, this luxury set is the perfect gift to make Passover special for your hosts this year.




9. Deluxe Israel Delights Gift Box By Golan Heights Winery

If your host is a wine and chocolate lover, then this Deluxe Israel Delights Gift Box is the gift for them! Full of delicious delights, this scrumptious set contains a beautiful bottle of Gamla Blanco Wine, Milk Chocolate-Covered Almond Pieces, Milk & White Chocolate-Covered Peanut Mix, and Milk Chocolate Treat With Hazelnut Filling. Each tasty treat in this gift box is kosher for Passover, making it the perfect holiday gift for your host!





10. Luxurious Israel Delicacies Gift Box By Golan Heights Winery

If you really want to spoil your host, then this Luxurious Israel Delicacies Gift Box is the perfect way to do just that! Full of delightful delicacies, this box of tantalizing treats contains a delicious bottle of Mount Hermon Rosé along with a mouth-watering array of artisanal chocolate treats and spreads. With some of the finest tastes that the Land of Israel has to offer and all kosher for Passover, this luxurious gift box is the perfect gift for your Passover host!





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