Large Unique Roman Glass and Sterling Silver Earrings

Large Unique Roman Glass and Sterling Silver Earrings


Brand: Silver Judaica and Roman Glass Jewelry

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925 Sterling Silver

Size: 1" X 1.8" / 2.5 cm X 4.5 cm

These fantastic earrings have a totally unique and unprecendented design that competely updates a classic look! A large rounded triangle shape of genuine ancient translucent iridescent Roman Glass is held within a frame of finely wrought sterling silver. Absolutely stunning!

Note: to preserve the unique lustre and iridescence of the Roman glass, do not allow it to come in contact with water.

Israel, a former colony of the Roman Empire, contains countless Roman glass shards and relics. Centuries and millenia of contact with the soil have given the glass a patina of uniquely beautiful textures and iridescence. Own a piece of history!