Heart and Love Expressions JewelryTo say the words, "I love you" is so much deeper than just those three special words. It is the feeling you get whenever you are with that special someone, it is the butterflies in your stomach and the excitement of whenever you are with them, and it is not always easy to find a gift that expresses what you feel. These heart and love expressions jewelry combine different religious symbols, precious stones, meaningful quotes and poems, with Israeli design. A piece of Israeli jewelry is already something special but to have it reflect your feelings make it all the more so. Enjoy picking out a piece of jewelry that your someone will love and best of all, this jewelry comes in a number of different price ranges so that you can get something stunning without breaking the bank.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry They say a diamond is a girl's best friend and looking through the diamond jewelry selection, they aren't wrong! These stunning pieces will have her heart in a second. The classic heart comes in a variety of styles, and can either have one diamond on a simple heart or a whole line of diamonds on a double heart pendent. If hearts aren't her thing, then there are also plenty of pendents that say "love" or the Hebrew word for love which is "Ahava". This meaningful word is written in diamonds on a ring, surrounded by hearts, and even just written across a gold heart, with three diamonds on the clasp. Say it with a heart and say it with a diamond and watch her eyes light up when she receives such a gift.

❤︎ We love this Star of David and heart necklace and this heart chain necklace.

Ani Ledodi Ledodi Li

Ani Ledodi Jewelry"Ani Ledodi Ledodi Li"  is one of Judaism's most popular love phrases. It translates to "I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me", and there is nothing more romantic than that! Many Israeli artists have added this phrase onto wedding rings for a more sentimental ring, and some of these are even spinning rings which are a different look. Of course this ancient quote also pairs nicely with ancient Roman Glass, Jerusalem Stone, and Eilat Stone, as seen with this mezuzah pendent and circle pendent. Ani Ledodi will also stand out on its own in two-toned gold and in this mini Marina charm, both done up in a similar style. Ani Ledodi jewelry is one piece that is great for men and women to show their love towards their special someone.

 ❤︎ We love this rose gold Ani Ledodi necklace and this octagon wedding ring.

Woman of Valor

Woman of Valor Jewelry The Woman of Valor is a poem dedicated to the Jewish woman written by King Solomon and on a piece of jewelry, it becomes the ultimate gift for any woman in your life. Some pieces make a powerful statement with pearls, either in a swirl pendent or with the other women appreciation phrase of Rabot Banot or in a ring form with rubies, pearls, or a spinning band.  Some include a heart shape to throw in a bit of love through heart cut-outs or by having a heart pendent. Woman of Valor jewelry is always something special and something meaningful that will hold that status throughout the years no matter when it is worn.

❤︎ We love this heart pendent and this swirl with a pearl.

Jewelry That Says "I love you"

Love Jewelry Sometimes, saying it out right is the best way to say it! Even if one language doesn't cover how you feel, maybe 120 languages will. Many of these necklaces have the word "Ahava" in gold, silver and rose gold, which means "love" in Hebrew  done up in Robert Indiana's iconic style. Another way of saying "I love you" is with one of the following quotes; "My soul loves", "Everlasting love", and the famous "Ani Ledodi". Of course there are also hearts with the Star of David and just regular hearts with opals and gold. Love jewelry is one of the greatest gifts out there.

❤︎ We love this silver Ahava necklace and this multi-language pendent.