Many offices hold holiday parties before the end of December with Secret Santa gift giving, or maybe you just want to honor one of your coworkers for the comradery and hard work since last year. With Hanukkah 2022 fast approaching on the night of December 18th, no matter what the reason, if you've got a Jewish coworker then there are no shortage of Hanukkah gifts, big or small, that you can give! So get into the Hanukkah gift giving spirit and spread holiday cheer in the workplace with wonderful holiday presents from the Land of Israel.

Here's our rundown of 10 of the best Hanukkah gift ideas for someone you work with:


1. Happy Hanukkah Mug

Wish someone a happy Hanukkah and give something that can be used in the office at the same time with this festive holiday mug. The design shows a menorah lit for the 8th day of Hanukkah and the "Happy Hanukkah" message on front and back. The handle and inside are blue, a traditional color in Judaism and a lovely tone that will brighten up any desk or morning routine.






2. Yair Emanuel 10 Note Cards with Envelopes

These gorgeous envelopes were designed by renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel and make wonderful holiday gifts for Jewish coworkers. They have a beautiful motif of the Old City of Jerusalem, along with date palms, a Biblically significant icon of the Land of Israel, to help get anyone into the mood for Hanukkah 2022!






3. Deluxe Israeli Fruit Wine Gift Set

Give someone the gift of getting into the Hanukkah spirits...pun intended. This gift box of kosher Israeli fruit wines might give someone the chance to try something they haven't tried before, with passionfruit and pomegranate wines. This is a great present for a coworker who is looking for a kosher gift for Hanukkah, or just wants to expand his or her flavor palette.






4. Milk Gluten-Free Chocolate Coins Hanukkah Gelt

Chocolate coins are the Hanukkah gift, as real coins, and eventually their chocolate counterparts, were how Hanukkah gift giving traditions started. This treat may bring out strong childhood memories for your coworkers, and bring out that youthful side. Tasty, festive, and made from high-quality chocolate by Israeli artisanal brand Carmit, these make great holiday gifts for Jewish coworkers and non-Jews alike, and will make you the talk of the office.

Enjoy our buy more save more discount (buy 5 save 10%, buy 10 save 20%, buy 20 save 30%) to share these tasty treats with anyone who needs a bit of holiday cheer!




5. Trendy Hanukkah Hoodie

This Hanukkah gift is altogether lighthearted, proud, and practical in the winter season. The playful message will bring smiles to those who know the story of the Hanukkah miracle. In a range of colors and sizes, there are plenty of customized options no matter your coworkers' style. Don't let silly Christmas sweaters steal all the attention at Hanukkah 2022!






6. All-Natural Small "Sweet Delights" Gift Box

This Hanukkah gift box comes with four adorable jars of flavored honey and spreads made right in Israel by artisanal brand Lin's Farm. Tasty yet budget-friendly, this set is the perfect kosher gift for a Jewish coworker - or anyone else with a bit of a sweet tooth or who enjoys the best tastes of the Land of Israel!






7. Israeli Flag Dreidel Puzzle Kit

If you're looking for a gift that is both traditional and creative, check out this puzzle kit that allows someone to build their own dreidel. The dreidel has the letters nun, gimmel, hey, pey, that are an acronym for "a great miracle happened here", along with an Israeli flag design featuring a Star of David.

These fun and unique dreidels are cheaper in bulk, and it is possible to personalize large orders, such as adding a company's or organization's logo onto the dreidel!





8. Rock N Roll Dreidel Hanukkah T-Shirt

This Rock 'N' Roll T-shirt is a humorous way to spread the Hanukkah cheer. If you know someone who is going to be at festive Hanukkah events, or just likes to be comfortable at home while enjoying the holidays, this shirt is a great, tongue-in-cheek Hanukkah gift. This T-shirt comes in a range of different colors and sizes, so there will be plenty of options to tailor to your friend's or coworker's style.






9. Multicolor Luxury Hanukkah Candles

Everyone who lights a Hanukkah menorah needs Hanukkah candles, making them a practical and affordable gift that will be appreciated by any Jewish friend or colleague - especially when they're as vibrant and elegant as this set! These luxurious, colorful Hanukkah candles are hand-crafted in northern Israel, according to traditional techniques featuring a beautiful marbled effect. The set comes with enough candles for all eight nights, so your gift recipient can have a festive holiday and think of the Land of Israel all through Hanukkah 2022.





10. Judaica Webstore Gift Card

If you want to get a Hanukkah gift for someone that gives the option to get any sort of modern or traditional Judaica, Jewish item, or Israeli product they want, then consider getting a gift card right from our store! This still gives you the ability to leave a kind message, while giving a gift that is both thoughtful and practical. This gift option is especially smooth if you want to send something once the winter-break has started, since all you need is your coworker's email.






If you're still looking for Hanukkah gifts on offer this holiday season, visit our website to see the full range!