Hanukkah 2022 starts very soon, at sundown on Sunday, December 18 - which means it's time for Hanukkah parties, festive meals, and get-togethers!

Make sure you don't come empty-handed, and show your appreciation to your hosts and friends with a scrumptious holiday food gift basket from Israel, some tasty kosher wine, or a beautiful home gift. And if you're Hanukkah party hopping, bring something everyone can enjoy together!



1. Holy Land Hanukkah Gift Basket

This gift set from Yoffi is loaded with a huge array of items, so whether you hope to break it out together, or to give a something your hostess will enjoy later, this gift basket has something for everyone. There are more than enough kosher Israeli goodies for each night of Hanukkah, with chocolate treats, spices, tahini, wine, honey with a special wand, a pomegranate decoration and oil for delicious Hanukkah foods.






2. Yair Emanuel Birds and Pomegranates Bowl

No matter if it's for putting out bowls of fruit or you just think this makes a gorgeous decoration on a tabletop, Yair Emanuel's expertly crafted laser-cut bowl is beautiful and festive. Your hostess would love this piece, and with the birds-on-pomegranate-branches design this can be used for a Shabbat meal, or even throughout the week. The pomegranate is a traditional Jewish image, mentioned as one of the Seven Species, with the number of seeds representing the number of commandments for the Jewish people: 613.






3. Shalva Tea Sampler Gift Box – 6 Herbal Teas

Bring out the aromas of Israel with this set of herbal teas from the Holy Land. These will be a splash at any get-together, and can be enjoyed for weeks afterwards until she'll want to replenish. No strainer on hand for loose teas? - No problem, since this box set comes with one. There are six types of herbal blends including a huge variety of sweet, fruity, or fragrant so if you don't know your hostess' exact favorite, or want to explore new flavors with everyone together, this will make a great gift.

All these herbal infusions are kosher l'mehadrin and caffeine free, so this set will go down well no matter who's the fortunate recipient of this box.




4. Lin’s Farm Sweet Gift Basket

What could more fitting for Hanukkah than doing the festive cooking with olive oil straight from Israel? Whether it's for latkes and sufganiyot, or your hostess isn't deep-frying and uses it for a salad dressings, it's sure to be enjoyed along with the wine and honey also included in this giftbox. All the contents are all natural Israeli ingredients, without any artificial additives or preservatives.

The items are kosher badatz, so you can give to any Jewish friend.





5. Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging – Home Blessing (Hebrew)

Birkat habayit, or 'blessing of the home', is a wish in Hebrew for a home to be graced with love, blessing, plenty, livelihood, joy, and peace. What hostess doesn't want that for her home? This stainless steel artwork from Dorit Judaica contains the text of birkat habayit along with the words "birkat habayit" in Hebrew along the right side. The design for this piece of wall art blends tradition and modern style, making for a great gift to anyone moving in or getting ready to host.






6. Natural Semi-Dry Pomegranate Wine

Order just one bottle or get a whole set of this semi-dry pomegranate wine made in Israel. Pomegranate wine is naturally high in anti-oxidants and your hostess will like how it mixes things up from normal grape-wine. Pomegranate wine is still a traditional drink though, made from one of the Seven Species as mentioned in the Torah.  If you bring this along to a Hanukkah meal, you won't have any left over.

Kosher under the supervision of the Mateh Asher Region Rabbinate, this bottle is produced in a kibbutz in the Golan.





7. Priestly Blessing Hands Sculpture

Birkat Kohanim, or "priestly blessing" in English is a link in history that's been performed every day for over 3,000 years by the descendants of Aaron haCohen. For the Hanukkah party hostess who loves Jewish tradition, this sculpture taps into this living history in beautiful detail with the hands spread like the kohanim do. At the base is a stylized engraving of the Old City of Jerusalem, along with the first two verses of the prayer written out in gold over the silver plating.

This piece of art would fit beautifully into any Jewish home.




8. Armenian Ceramic & Wood Jerusalem Trivet

Bring a touch of Jerusalem into your Hanukkah 2022 celebrations with some traditional local art that doubles as functional tableware! This colorful trivet is made out of a stunning Armenian ceramic-style tile that was handmade in the Old City of Jerusalem, featuring a beautiful scene of the Holy City and encased in wood. Your hostess will appreciate the thoughtful gift and love serving her holiday meals on it for years to come!






9. Jerusalem Ball Silver and Gold Candlesticks

If your hostess loves Jerusalem, or wants something beautiful to light her Friday night candles with, these stunning candlesticks will look amazing on whatever shelf they're set on. The outside has an engraved motif of the old city of Jerusalem made of electroformed silver with gold accenting, layered with felt on the inside. They make gorgeous holiday table centerpieces, and will be perfect for Shabbat for the rest of the year.





10.  Handmade Bless This Home Ceramic Plaque (English)

A home is a place that should be full of blessing, and this handmade hanging plaque is inspired off a blessing found in an archeological site in Israel. If someone's hosting a Hanukkah party at home, the design based off of the ancient-Hebrew script would be a perfect gift. The blessing, "may this place be a home for peace and love, good health and prosperity" is surrounded by traditional Jewish imagery, including pomegranates, dates, and olives. The piece is handmade, and contains 24K gold decorations by a family-business in Israel.





If you still need ideas for what to get ahead of Hanukkah, look through the rest of the kosher gift baskets or the rest of the Hanukkah selection.