Let’s face it, everyone knows that buying presents before the holidays can be stressful. So we're here to help make Rosh Hashanah 2023 easier for you - and sweeter and more meaningful for all your loved ones - with incredible holiday gift baskets from Israel!


1. Lin's Farm Rosh Hashanah Hot Cider Gift Box

Sent in a charming box, this cider-assembling gift set from Israel is perfect for the autumn season. This is an excellent gift for someone who wants to try something new this (Jewish) New Year and enjoy warm cider drinks in the comfort of their own home. This set contains wildflower honey, cinnamin sticks, and hot cider infusion made of fruit and almonds. Everything is all natural and kosher, perfect for anyone young and old!








2. Deluxe Rosh Hashanah Tableware Gift Box

What we have up next truly has it all and once again, it’s the pomegranates that make it special! An exclusive holiday bundle from popular Israeli designerYair Emanuel, anyone receiving this delightful collection of products will get a gorgeous Challah Cover, and a charming glass Honey Dish with jar of honey for it. Obviously, everything about this Yair Emanuel's gift set is undeniably stylish and beautiful, but we especially appreciate how the items in this fantastic package has the samemotif of pomegranate silhouettes so you can arrange a stunning Rosh Hashanah table with perfectly coordinated Judaica!







3. Luxurious Dorit Judaica Rosh Hashanah Gift Set 

For those who are looking for an iconic gift, this next product may be up your alley. Also by Matan Arts, this Rosh Hashanah bundle is essentially a smaller version of our previous gift set with a ram's horn Shofar, a book of blessings, and a honey jar. This charming set has the same luxurious qualities is sure to make a spectacular holiday gift for someone special!








4. Deluxe Dorit Judaica Rosh Hashanah Gift Set

Up next, we’re bringing out a special holiday bundle that’s perfect for Rosh Hashanah and beyond! Lion of Judah Studios delights us with another beautiful Gift Set, this one containing a stunning pair silver plated Shabbat Candlesticks, a jar of honey, and a Kiddush cup and saucer set that will take your breath away with their intricate gold-accented Jerusalem Old City motif! And by the way, we’re just putting it out there – if your goal is to give someone special the gift of a lifetime, then friends, we think this might be what you’ve been looking for!







5. Deluxe Yair Emanuel Rosh Hashanah Gift Set

Alright, once you see what’s coming next, chances are, you’re going to have a hard time deciding whether you want to order this wonderful Gift Set for a loved one, or yourself! A dream-fulfilling product for sure, this unique Rosh Hashanah Gift Set is very special, as all the items in it are part of Yair Emanuel’s famous ‘Golden Pomegranate’ series. You have a wonderful Kiddush Cup and Saucer, an apple-shaped Honey Pot, a small dish that can be used as either a serving bowl or a drip plate for the Honey Pot, and a reusable Wine Cork. Usually, these products are sold separately, but in this Judaica WebStore exclusive, you have several eye-catching pieces from this iconic collection elegantly wrapped in a deluxe holiday bundle that’s ready to become the ultimate Rosh Hashanah surprise!






6. Lin's Farm Rosh Hashanah "Savion"Gift Box

If you're one of those people who can appreciate that in some cases, less is more, you’ll probably love this:  It’s a 4-piece Gift Basket that includes a fruity,  Pomegranate Concentrate, extra virgin olive oil, honey with lemon and ginger, natural silan. This gift set may be devoured quickly but it will make a lasting impression.








7. Yair Emanuel Must-Have Shabbat & Holiday Gift Set

Here is another exciting set that can be used for Rosh Hashanah and year-round! In this beautiful holiday bundle, you’ll find several amazing pieces of colorful, hammered aluminum connected with a Tree of Life motif containing a pair of elegant Shabbat Candlesticks, and a kiddush cup and saucer set, all of which can be used during the rest of the year. Sure to delight any person you send it to, this colorful, flowery Gift Set will make a sweet and special New Year’s surprise!








8. Yoffi Gift Box – Rosh Hashanah Supreme

Moving forward, our next item is a savory option we wouldn’t mind sinking our own teeth into! This Kosher Gift Basket by Yoffi is packed with all sorts of delicious Mediterranean delights, including a Sweet Tahini box with 3 flavored Tahinis, an Israeli Halva box, jars of honey and pure Silan Date syrup, a bottle of dry Pomegranate Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a grinding jar of natural Dead Sea salt infused with organic rosemary leaves. These flavorful treats are all-natural, nutritious, and locally produced, but best of all, the family business that puts it together works with non-profit organizations to employ people with disabilities, so when you buy from Yoffi, you’re supporting local trade and people with special needs!







9. Lin’s Farm Rosh Hashanah "Rakefet" Gift Basket

If this next gift basket doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will. This Rakefet Gift Basket contains deliciou treats from Lin’s Farm in the Golan region of Israel is filled with a tasty array of farm-fresh Israeli delicacies that will let you explore the rich and exciting flavors of Israel from the comfort of home! It comes with bottles of olive oil, wine and honey, perfect for the holiday And since each of these products are completely all-natural and locally produced without preservatives, artificial additives, or added sugar, soy, or dairy, you can be sure that this heavenly gift basket will please even the most enthusiastic health nut you know! It's Kosher Badatz, so anyone can enjoy.







10. Lin's Farm Israeli Oleander Gift Box with Wine

This last product is called Lin’s Farm Oleander Gift Box and oh boy, is it truly delightful! Beautifully presented in a charming case, this incredible Gift Basket contains many jars of all-natural flavored Israeli honey and spreads. Perfect for your Rosh Hashanah 2023 table, each jar has a different flavor, all-natural blueberry jelly, a honey with raspberry and rose, natural peanut butter with silan, silan and chocolate spread. That's enough to impress any host, but it also comes with natural wine and olive oil. An excellent gift for anyone open to being adventurous with food, this wonderful assortment of honey jars will bring excitement and fun to your Rosh Hashanah dining experience for sure!







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