Israeli FoodIt's might not be obvious, but Israel has some of the best food in the world! The small country was built up by thousands of immigrants that choose to keep part of their native traditional food while becoming Israeli.  This resulted in Israel's incredible food culture.  You might think that Israeli staples like falafel and sufganiot (jelly donuts for Channukah) are purely Israeli innovation, but in reality, falafel most likely came from Egypt and sufganiot were brought over from Poland.  Of course there are also some delicious Israeli innovated foods that are 100% Israeli, but the combination of the different countries traditional food is what makes the food culture here so special.  The Judaica Web Store has plenty of Israeli staples that will bring a little taste of Israel right into your home.


Israeli WinesYou've heard a lot about Israeli wine from us but we just can't help that its so good! Grapes are actually one of the Seven Species native to Israel since biblical times, which means that Israel has been in the wine business for centuries. Vineyards in Israel can be found in almost all areas of the country, from the arid desert to the mountains of the Golan, each contributing to its own unique version of every type of wine. Smooth reds, delightful rosés and crisp white wines, you can never go wrong with popping opening an internationally renowned bottle of Israeli wine.

❤︎ We love Castel Grand Vin and this natural pomegranate wine.


CoffeeIf you have ever been to Israel, you'll quickly realize there is no Starbucks to be found anywhere in the country because the coffee is perfect just as it is. At nearly anytime of day and even into the night, you'll find people sitting at cafes enjoying an hafuch- cappuccino or any of Israel's brewed to perfection coffees. Even the instant coffee is incredible for a quick pick me up! Among the regular coffees at the Judaica Web Store you'll also find specialty coffees flavored with vanilla or mocha, as well as the popular ice coffee mix.  We also carry a great selection of Nespresso compatible coffee pods for a great brew wherever you might be. 

❤︎ We love this roasted coffee with cardamom and Elite's vanilla instant coffee.


Israeli HoneyIsrael is known as the Land of Milk and Honey for good reason. Israeli honey is the sweetest you'll ever taste, as the flowers from around the country range in flavor from the Negev desert to the Golan Heights and everywhere in between.  Israelis have even introduced eucalyptus flowers to bees because of how common they are throughout Israel. Perfect for the Rosh Hashanah table, Israeli honey will quickly become everyone's favorite but you can also enjoy it year round on toast, in tea, when baking or whenever!

❤︎ We love Lin Farm's wildflower honey and their Jerusalem Hills honey.


HalvaIf you have never tried Halva, than you are missing out on one of Israel's most delectable treats. Halva is made of tahini- a sesame seed paste, vanilla, a little bit of sugar or honey for sweetness and sometimes chunks of chocolate or pistachio are added to create different flavors.  A healthier option for dessert or snack, these treats go great with coffee as well as on their own.  When walking through the shuk, street market, in Israel, there are halva vendors on almost every street, selling the crumbly treat. Halva is sucha a part of Israeli food culture, that even soldiers are given halva as a pick-me-up snack when training in the field.

❤︎ We love this box of mixed halva and this vanilla halva with cocoa nubs.


TeaJust like coffee, tea is a staple in Israeli homes, with the most common being mint tea made with fresh mint.  Many families grow their own herbs for tea such as lemongrass, verbena and mint, whether in a garden or in a pot off their window still. For those who do not have the space, tea bags of dozens of flavors fill up shelves, many of which with herbs grown in northern Israel's lush green fields.  These teas will keep you warm during those cold winter days while giving you a little taste of Israel.

❤︎ We love this Galilee Bouquet - Lemongrass Verbena Melissa herbal blend and this Rooibos Herb Infusion with Cinnamon & Vanilla. 


SnacksIsraelis are always going from place to place, meaning that they need snacks that are small enough to bring with them wherever they go that are not too unhealthy.  Some snacks like the popular Bamba, are actually used to help fight prevent peanut allergies, as babies are given the soft peanut butter puffs. Kids are sure to enjoy Bamba and Bisli- the second most beloved snack in Israel which is essential deep fried noodles with spices such as barbecue, pizza, onion and falafel. It might sound strange but don't knock it until you try it!

❤︎ We love Bamba and Pizza Bisli!