Kiddush Cups are an important item when it comes to our Shabbat traditions. Before eating dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday, we take the time to thank G-d for giving us a magnificent day of rest. This ritual is called Kiddush and is said over a cup of wine. However, the wine cannot be placed into just any ordinary glass. On Shabbat we are supposed to use elegant items that we do not use everyday so that they are kept special and this is how we end up with stunning Kiddush cups. These extraordinary goblets made of shiny silver or with sleek modern designs. Kiddush cups are a great Bar Mitzvah gift or Jewish wedding gift as they can do and will make Kiddush for themselves in the future.


Traditional Kiddush Cup

Traditional Kiddush Cup are inspired by old Jewish communities and just have a classic look to them. Not only are these Kiddush cups made with a shiny silver look, there are plenty that are available in gold, hand-painted ceramics and colorful metals. Some are created with the words of "Boreh Pri HaGafen"- the blessing over wine, "Yeled Tov" (good boy) or "Yeldah Tova" (good girl), or even have a touch of colorful enamel which stands out in contrast to the silver. Plus, there is a great selection of traditional Kiddush cups for under $50!

The gold inner layer is to prevent oxidation and to ensure your wine tastes pure every time

Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Sterling silver Kiddush cups are the most elegant option. Made by the best silversmiths in Israel like Hazorfim and Hadad Bros, these stunning and sparkling Kiddush cups will last a lifetime and will continue to make Shabbat extra special over the years. These include simple designs with filagree to more intricate paneled design and colorful enamel. In this selection of Kiddush cups, you will also find a couple of cups from the Israel Museum, which produces replicas from some of the oldest Jewish communities in the world.

An Estonian Kiddush cup replica from either the 17th or 18th century

Kiddush Cups Without A Stem

Kiddush cups come in all shapes and styles which means that Kiddush cups without a stem are also an amazing option. The more modern look comes in silver, copper, ceramic and other colored metals offering incredibly unique styles by Israel's most beloved artists. Each cup has its own personality just like every person does, meaning there is a Kiddush cup for everyone and some even come with a matching saucer. You never know what secrets are hiding within the design of Kiddush cups without a stem!

The exclusive lotus design is a can't miss item for Shabbat

Wine Fountain

Wine fountains are the perfect solution to those with big families or love to host. No more passing around the Kiddush cup for everyone to drink from or pouring into multiple little cups and worrying about spilling! Wine fountains are the easy mess free alternative as you just pour the wine into the top and it evenly distributes the wine into multiple cups. Solid or multicolored options, you are bound to find a wine fountain that fits your decor and style. Each wine fountain comes with its own matching Kiddush cup and between 8-10 shot glass sized cups

Kids won't fight over who has more in their cup anymore!

Kiddush Cups For Children

Kids always want to be able to participate and with their very own Kiddush cup, they can! Kiddush cups for children include styles for boys and girls that mainly feature the compliment of "Yeled Tov"-good boy- or "Yeldah Tova"- good girl. These cups are small and light enough for children to use on their own and they will enjoy being able to raise their own cup during Kiddush. Children's Kiddush cups are a great present for a Brit or a Jewish themed birthday, Rosh Hashanah or Hanukkah gift.

If your Kiddush cup is all silver, let your kid be just like you!  

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