When a Jewish boy turns 13, he becomes a Jewish man. He might still be tiny and his voice may not have broken - but where Judaism is concerned, he is now fully responsible for his mitzvot and accountable for his actions. This is a serious landmark in a boy's life; after all, it's the first time he'll be called up to the Torah and put on tefillin! When a boy comes of age, it's traditional to throw a big party where family and friends can come together to celebrate. Here's our list of brilliant gift ideas that any Bar Mitzva boy will love!


Fantastic pieces of symbolic Judaica-inspired jewelry make great gifts for guys as well as girls! We carry an extensive range of jewelry just for men, comprised of impressive pieces which are sure to become treasured belongings linking young men to their ancient heritage. We also have an exclusive range of sterling silver cufflinks and a selection of Adi's wonderful watches, either of which will become favorite pieces instantly!

An IDF watch that is just as tough as he is

Torah Pointers

Traditionally, young men celebrating their Bar Mitzvas read the weekly Torah portion in synagogue on Shabbat morning. A gift of a stunningly crafted Torah pointer will both aid the Bar Mitzva boy in his preparations, and be a memorable gift he can treasure in years to come! There are plenty of options and styles to choose from- if you want something more traditional, modern, or contemporary, we have it all.

This Tree of Life Torah Pointer will not disappoint!

Tallit and Tefillin

A tallit (plural tallitot) is a four-cornered shawl-like garment with tzitzit (religious knotted tassels) attached to the four corners: tefillin (phylacteries) are boxes containing the Shema Yisrael prayer written on parchment, which are attached to soft leather strips. Boys start wearing tefillin 3 months before their Bar Mitzva celebration - see our exclusive tefillin collection for beautifully crafted sets of these ritual garments. Although there are different communal customs, many boys start wearing a tallit when they reach Bar Mitzva. Our range of traditional wool tallitot are symbolic and meaningful, and our artistic tallitot in a range of exquisitely painted silks by renowned designer Yair Emanuel are sure to be great conversation pieces! We also offer this exclusive complete set of kosher tallit and tefillin at an extraordinary price - it even includes a siddur! Alternatively consider a beautiful set of tallit and tefillin bags or a pair of carefully hand-crafted tallit clips; with a huge range of stunning designs to choose from, you're sure to find something to suit any taste!

The perfect Talit and Teffilin bag embroidered with Jerusalem


Another important mitzva that a Bar Mitzva now has responsibility for is his own prayer and Jewish learning. One of our prayer books or Bibles with an English translation would be a perfect gift for a young man who is serious about his Jewish identity. Any of our great books would be an asset to a Bar Mitzva boy who is passionate about his Jewish learning!

The Koren Sacks Siddur makes a beautiful gift

Reaching Bar Mitzvah is a significant stage in the life a Jewish boy, and it's definitely a reason to party! Our amazing range of gifts is a great way to help your Bar Mitzva boy celebrate!