One of the oldest and most fascinating aspects of Judaism and Jewish culture is the Hebrew language - with an alphabet and writing system dating back thousands of years and found in our sacred texts and countless artifacts, and still used today by Jews the world over! (You can learn more about our ancient connection to Hebrew here, as well as the modern revival of Hebrew as a spoken language in Israel today.)

Our store has dozens of beautiful Hebrew gifts from Israeli artisans celebrating the Hebrew alphabet and language, for a great way to connect with your heritage and express your Jewish pride. We've picked our top 12 favorites below, spanning both ancient and modern versions of the language. Choose your preferred Hebrew script and your favorite gift today!

1. Ceramic and Sterling Silver "Jerusalem" Kiddush Cup

This unique and vibrant Kiddush cup with matching saucer is the perfect fusion of ancient and modern: Handcrafted from ceramic, decorated with a captivating swirl of colors, and plated with elegant sterling silver, it features the word "Jerusalem" in an ancient Hebrew script. The mesmerizing Kiddush cup, designed by Jerusalem Glass Studio, will be a gorgeous addition to your Judaica collection, while helping you connect with ancient Jewish history and the Holy City on every shabbat and holiday.

2. Ancient & Modern Script Hebrew Alphabet T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

Available in a variety of colors for you to choose from, this stylish t-shirt is decorated with both the ancient and modern Hebrew alphabets set against a large ancient Hebrew letter "Alef." You'll love connecting with the wide breadth of Jewish heritage and history and showing off your Hebrew pride, while wearing an original Israeli design made of comfortable, high-quality cotton. This shirt comes in a wide range of color options.

3. Dorit Judaica Colorful Alef-Bet Wall Hanging

Add a pop of color onto your wall with this vibrant Hebrew alphabet wall hanging! Made from painted laser-cut metal, Israeli artist Dorit Judaica has created a fun and exciting piece of art that shows off the simple beauty of the aleph-bet, Hebrew's writing system. This would make a great housewarming gift, or a present for a Bar/Bat mitzvah.

4. Torah Script Hebrew Name Necklace

Designed and custom-made in the Holy City of Jerusalem, our popular Torah script Hebrew name necklace is the perfect personalized gift for anyone who loves the Hebrew language and Jewish tradition! Get any name or nickname of your choosing in the same magnificent Hebrew font as the one used to write the Torah - and we can even translate any English name to Hebrew for you. We have options for every budget, from sterling silver to 24K gold plating to stunning 14K white or yellow gold, with a choice of thicknesses and chain lengths to fit any age or style.

5. Hebrew Letters Classic Golden Watch

Wear your Jewish pride on your sleeve with this elegant watch from Adi Watches, the famous Israeli watchmakers known for their high-quality craftsmanship. The gold-plated analog watch is set on a comfortable leather band and elegantly displays the time using Hebrew letters in a classic modern script, along with a mechanical date display. Both stylish and functional, it’s even water-resistant up to 30 meters below the surface.

6. Israel Museum Dead Sea Scrolls Adaptation

Learn about the famed Dead Sea Scrolls with this fantastic educational set from the Israel Museum! Based on the famous archaeological discovery of ancient Biblical books and sectarian texts, this adaptation includes a replica of one of the scrolls, a model of the original jar it was found in, and an educational booklet in English. An original and interactive work, this collection is a must-have for anyone who loves Jewish history and ancient Hebrew texts!

7. Hebrew Alphabet Table Runner

Whether you're hosting a Shabbat meal, a family celebration, or holiday festivities, this table runner featuring the Hebrew alphabet would be a small touch to really elevate the whole room. In an elegant teal design, the Hebrew letters add meaning to this high quality table runner. This fun and special piece was designed in Jerusalem and would also make for the perfect gift for any host you're visiting.

8. Shema Yisrael T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

An exclusive design by Judaica WebStore, this chic t-shirt is brimming with both style and meaning! It features the classic Jewish declaration of faith, "Shema Yisrael" ("Hear O Israel") in a beautifully stylized Hebrew script that resembles a flame. Choose from a range of sizes and several different vibrant colors, and wear it for any occasion - or give one as a gift to a special loved one.

Read more about the Shema Yisrael prayer here!

9. Hebrew Alphabet: Interactive Educational Puzzle

If your kid is starting to learn Hebrew then this fun and colorful puzzle is a great way to practice the alphabet! It features a chart with tiles for all the Hebrew letters in both print and handwritten fonts, along with the nikudot for vowels. The bright letters on wooden tiles are an excellent tool for the beginning of anyone's Hebrew education.

10. Ahava Pop Art Aluminum Clock

This colorful wall clock will be sure to draw attention wherever you choose to hang it! Made in Israel by acclaimed Tel Aviv-based artist Ofek Wertman, it features four vibrantly colored squares, inside of which there is a portrayal of the famous Ahava (Love) sculpture from the gardens of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Show off your love of Hebrew and modern Israeli art to anyone who walks through the door, or give it as a lovely housewarming or holiday gift.

11. Priestly Benediction Silver Amulet Adaptation

You'll love connecting to ancient Jewish history with this handmade silver necklace featuring a replica of a 2600-year-old plaque with the words of the Priestly Benediction, which was excavated in Jerusalem and dates to the First Temple era. Also known as the Priestly Blessing, the words are found in the Biblical Book of Numbers and have been used as a protective amulet for centuries, believed to bring peace and Divine blessing to the wearer. This beautiful sterling silver version by the Israel Museum is sure to bring a special historical Jewish connection to the wearer!

Read more about the Priestly Blessing here!

12. Hebrew Alphabet Mug with Names (Choice of Colors)

Designed right in Jerusalem, this cute ceramic mug features the letters of the Hebrew alphabet along with their names in English, and boasts a vibrantly colored handle and interior in your choice of blue, black, or red. You'll love practicing the aleph-bet with your morning coffee or tea, and it also makes a wonderful gift for anyone trying to deepen their connection to Judaism or express their love of the Hebrew language.

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