When traveling, according to Jewish tradition, one should say Tefilat HaDerech - the Traveler's Prayer. The prayer is generally said when leaving the city limits or about halfway through one's journey, whether on a car trip of more than an hour, or flying halfway across the world. Reciting this prayer is believed to invoke Divine protection and keep you safe throughout the trip. There are a few different versions of the Traveler's Prayer from Scriptures (notably Psalms 91 and 121) and from Rabbinic tradition, all poignant and beautiful.

Traveler's Prayer jewelry is just what the traveler in your life needs to keep them safe, whether they're driving, flying, biking, or sailing.

Choose from our top 10 favorite Traveler's Prayer jewelry pieces below, and you'll have a special companion for all your life's journeys - or a wonderful gift for a loved one who's always on the go!

And you can learn more about various amulets for safe travels in Jewish tradition in our recent blog post here.



1. 9K Gold & Sterling Silver Psalm 91 Spinning Ring

Suitable for both men and women, this elegant spinning ring from Emuna Studio is inscribed in Hebrew with the Biblical verse from Psalms 91:11 that's traditionally used as an amulet for safe travels: "His Angels Shall Watch Over You, To Guard You on All Your Ways." The main sterling silver band is set between two thinner 9K gold bands, and is plated with elegant, hypoallergenic rhodium for extra durability and comfort - so you'll be able to wear it for many years to come and wherever your journeys take you.






2. Large Silver Wheel Necklace with Traveler's Prayer

This stunning traveler's amulet necklace is made out of 925 sterling silver right in the Land of Israel by Judean Hills Jewelry, and is beautifully inscribed with the Traveler's Prayer from Psalms 91:11 on its circular disk pendant. Choose from silver chain or black silicone cord options in a variety of lengths, for the perfect fit for any age, size, or wearing preference. It'll make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe or a special gift for a loved one who loves to travel!







3. Gold-Plated & Turquoise Ring with Traveler's Psalm & Priestly Blessing

Wear the best of Israeli contemporary design and traditional Jewish Scripture with this incredible 18K gold-plated adjustable ring from acclaimed Israeli studio Hallel Jewelry! Bold and stylish and suitable for any size, it's accented by a radiant turquoise stone and features two different Biblical verses invoking Divine protection for the wearer: the outside is beautifully embossed with the Hebrew words of Psalms 121:8, which is traditionally associated with travelers ("May God Protect Your Leaving and Coming From Now Until Forever"), while the inside of the ring is engraved with the Priestly Blessing.








4. Silver & Gold Star of David Spinning Ring with Traveler's Psalm

No matter where your journeys take you, you can add an inspirational expression of faith to any outfit with this special designer spinning ring from Israeli jewelers Studio Golan. Made from sterling silver, the ring is hand-engraved with the Hebrew words of Psalm 121, invoking God's protection for wherever one comes or goes, and is set in the center with a gleaming 9K yellow gold Star of David. It's suitable for all genders and ages, and comes in an array of sizes, making it the perfect companion for yourself or a loved one for all travels and journeys!






5. Traveler's Prayer Leather Bracelet (Choice of Colors)

If you're shopping for someone who is always booking flights and on the road, this special leather bracelet is perfect for them! Available with a choice of a red, brown, or black braided leather band, it features a beautiful center piece made from sterling silver with a chic textured finish and a 14K gold plate. The plate, meanwhile, is beautifully hand-engraved with the psalm Ki Malachav Yetzaveh Lach Lishmorcha Bechol Deracheicha ("For He shall command His angels for you, to guard you on all your paths").






6. Silver Star of David Necklace with Traveler's Prayer & Porat Yosef

This unique sterling silver necklace from kabbalah-inspired design studio Ha'ari Jewelry combines multiple Jewish motifs for an eye-catching and inspirational piece. It's made up of two pieces that display a Star of David when combined, with each adorned with a different Biblical verse traditionally associated with Divine protection: the Traveler's Psalm of 91:11 ("For He shall command His angels for you, to guard you on all your paths") and Ben Porat Yosef from Genesis 49:22 ("A fruitful son is Joseph, a fruitful son by a spring"). A wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates both style and Jewish spirituality!






7. Traveler's Prayer Leather & Sterling Silver Bracelet

Carry a stylish expression of your faith and wish for Divine protection with you wherever you go with this fabulous leather designer bracelet from Studio Golan! Made from a durable leather band in your choice of classic brown or elegant black, the bracelet features a sterling silver plate that is engraved with the Traveler's Prayer from Psalms 91:11, as well as one of God’s mystical Kabbalistic names, with a 14K yellow gold plaque separating them. Unisex, stylish, versatile, and available in a range of sizes, it's sure to make any Jewish traveler happy.








8. Sterling Silver Hamsa Bracelet with Traveler's Prayer & Porat Yosef

If you're more into pure sterling silver jewelry than leather, this chic unisex bracelet will be your go-to stylish and meaningful piece. A beautiful contemporary piece of jewelry with a kabbalistic flavor, it also makes a wonderful gift for a loved one! It's adorned with a 14k gold Hamsa hand, along with engravings of the Traveler's Prayer (Psalm 91:11) and the Biblical verse Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Alei Ayin ("A fruitful son is Joseph, a fruitful son by a spring") (Genesis 49:22) - three different special motifs from Jewish tradition that are all believed to invoke God's watchful eye.






9. 14K Gold Kabbalah Traveler's Prayer Necklace with Chrysoberyl

Want to wear a powerful symbol of Jewish faith and God's protection wherever you go? Check out this gorgeous mystical necklace from Israel! The beautiful 14K gold disk pendant features a charming chrysoberyl stone at its center, cased in a gold Star of David. Surrounding the central design is a circular engraving of the full Hebrew text of the traditional Traveler's Prayer recited before one's journey. A powerful amulet inspired by kabbalah, this necklace is sure to become an instantly cherished piece of your collection!






10. Sterling Silver Psalm 121 Dogtags Necklace

A unique expression of spirituality and faith, this kabbalah-inspired sterling silver dogtag necklace will make the perfect gift for the Jewish traveler in your life! The top dogtag is engraved with the Hebrew letter Heh in a bold Biblical script, believed to protect from the "evil eye." The bottom dogtag, meanwhile, displays two verses from Psalm 121, traditionally associated with travelers: "He will guard you from all evil, he will guard your soul. Hashem will guard your going and coming from now and forever."