Sea of Spa Luxury Nail Collection Nail Kit – For Strong and Lustrous Nails

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Give your nails the full treatment with this fantastic nail kit from Sea of Spa.

- Contains a professional nail buffer with 4 polishing surfaces, Dead Sea minerals cuticle oil, a professional nail file with 2 coarse filing surfaces and a delicate Dead Sea hand cream.

- Leaves your nails healthy and lustrous and allows you to professionally shape them.

- Treats dry and cracked skin as well as enriches the skin around the nails.  

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This set includes:

One professionalnail buffer

One bottle of cuticle oil (15 ml / 0.51 fl oz)

One professional nail file

One bottle of delicate hand cream (150 ml / 5.07 fl oz)

Licensed By The Israeli Ministry of Health

Treat your nails like never before with this four-in-one nail kit from Sea of Spa. Featuring professional-grade components, this kit contains a nail buffer with four polishing surfaces (leaves your nails healthy and lustrous), Dead Sea minerals cuticle oil (for treating dry and cracked skin as well as nourishing and softening it), a nail file with two coarse filing surfaces (for shaping nails) and a delicate Dead Sea minerals hand cream (for moisturizing and nourishing the skin in your hands). Effective from the first treatment, this kit lets your nails receive professional-level care without ever having to leave home.

Instructions For Use: Remove any nail polish from your fingernails, wash your hands and dry them well.

Stage 1: First use the light green surface of the buffer. Buff each nail in back and forth motions for 5 to 10 seconds. This will remove any roughness or yellow stains.

Stage 2: First use the light green surface of the buffer. Buff each nail in back and forth motions for 5 to 10 seconds once again. This stage encourages nail growth and removes any remaining scratches.

Stage 3: For a healthy and lustrous nail, use the white surface of the buffer. Buff each nail for 5 to 10 seconds in back and for motions until you get the desired degree of luster. This stage increases blood circulation under the nails and encourages the growth of healthier and stronger nails. Repeat this treatment every few weeks or as needed to obtain a glowing and lustrous shine.

Stage 4: Apply one drop of oil to each cuticle. Thoroughly massage the oil into the cuticle until it is completely absorbed. Now you may carefully remove the cuticle. Using this oil on a daily basis will help to prevent unwanted dryness.

Stage 5: Use the coarse nail file to shape your fingernails as you like them.

Stage 6:  Apply the moisture cream to your hands and body and gently massage until completely absorbed.

Founded in 1998 in Arad, Israel, Sea of Spa is one of the leading Dead Sea cosmetics companies in the country. Bringing you the highest quality products, the brand is known for its specialty in utilizing Dead Sea resources to create excellent medicinal and therapeutic products. Using modern technology to ensure your skin receives the best care, these luxurious products are sure to leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed.

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