30 Classic Purim Songs for Kids

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Thirty of Israel's most popular and beloved songs for children's favourite holiday are now all in one place!  There is nothing like Purim in Israel; it's party time for the entire country.  This album is filled with all the fun and excitement of that day, and now you can bring it into your own home or synagogue!

1.   Ani Purim

2.   Shoshanat Yakov

3.   Mis'hak Purim

4.   Leitzan Katan Nehmad

5.   Hayom Purim Lanu

6.   Shir Ha-Masechot

7.   Leitzanim Katanim

8.   Hag Purim Hinei Ze Ba

9.   Pizmon Lepurim

10. Hinei Ba'a Hatizmoret

11. Purim Hayom

12. Kesheharebbi Mezamer

13. Keshenichnas Adar

14. Sasson Vikar

15. Hag Purim

16. Ten Katef

17. Haleitzanim

18. Leitzan Katan Sovev Bama'agal

19. Yom Tov Lanu

20. Purim Lanu

21. Hayom Nihyeh La'aherim

22. Shir Hara'ashan

23. Gan Hayot Shel Purim

24. Hag Purim

25. Lichvod Purim

26. Or Vesimcha Layehudim

27. Ze Hayom Purim

28. Nagid

29. Mishenichnas Adar

30. Shoshanat Yakov

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