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Hazorfim Sterling Silver Chentoroza Menorah

Hazorfim Sterling Silver Chentoroza Menorah

Availability: Out of stock

$470.00 $439.00



Availability: Out of stock

$470.00 $439.00


925 Sterling Silver

Height: 8.07" / 20.5 cm
Width: 5.71" / 14.5 cm
Silver weight: 0.269 lbs / 122 gr

This is the absolute classic menorah, but with an extra touch!  The timeless traditional menorah shape -- in sterling silver -- has been decorated with numerous silver roses.

This menorah was made in the very place where the heroic Hasmonean revolt took place.

This Hazorfim menorah was produced in the Modiin region, exactly where the banner of the revolt against the Assyrian-Greeks was raised two thousand years ago. It is related that in the Kfar Daniel region, where the Hazorfim factory is located today, Matityahu the Hasmonean cried out, Mi Lashem Elai ("Whoever is for God, come after me"), and gathered Jewish warriors around him. His son Judah Maccabee followed in his footsteps and vanquished the Assyrian-Greeks, despite formidable numerical inferiority, in the battles at Beit Horon and Emmaus. The hills on which these battles were waged can be seen from Hazorfim's windows.

The Hazorfim factory is located amongst olive groves that existed also in ancient times and served the oil presses of the Lod and Modiin region. The extra virgin oil - made from the first olives of the season - served for lighting the Jerusalem Temple Menorah.

The festival of Hanukkah marks the miracle of the revolt, which has become a symbol of the heroism of the Jewish people, and the miracle of the oil, which sufficed for eight days. In memory of these miracles the mitzvah of lighting candles in Hanukkah was established. There is nothing more fitting than a sterling silver Hazorfim menorah, prepared in the Modiin region, to complete this mitzvah properly.

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