Megillat Esther - Sefardi

Megillat Esther - Sefardi


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Size (parchment height): 10.4"

A Megillat Esther written on uncoated klaf shelil according to Sefardi practice.

On the holiday of Purim, the Megillat Esther (Scroll of Esther) is publicly read from a parchment scroll, which tells the story of the salvation of the Jews from their enemies of the Persian Empire in 4th century BCE. Universally known as the Megillah, it is desirable for every Jewish household to possess its own. 

The professional scribes of "Oter Israel" write Megillot in sizes ranging from 5 cm. in height to 60 cm. The Megillot are written with meticulous observance of all the requirements of Jewish law, and are available in accordance with every custom: Beit Yosef, Ari, and Sefardi.