Passover Haggadah in another dimension

Passover Haggadah in another dimension


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Note: The accompanying illustrations on this site under "more images" are in 3D.  They will only appear full-quality if seen through 3D glasses.

Haggadah in another dimension is an utterly unique 3D book — a celebration of faith unlike any other you’ll find on the bookshelf.  Beautifully produced and created, Haggadah in another dimension, truly brings the story to life for old and young.

All the images in this haggadah are 3D images built upon the exquisite and charming sculptures meticulously hand-sculpted, then staged and painted, then photographed using different 3D methods. (3D glasses included!)

Haggadah in another dimension is a book that will give the whole family -- adults and children alike — a fresh and beautiful experience on Passover night. By reading the stories, singing the songs, and enjoying the amazing images that truly seem to come to life and leap from the page in 3D, haggadah in another dimension will provide memories that last a lifetime.

Traditional text, in Hebrew and in English.

“Haggadah in another dimension”, received great reviews by the media in Israel and was announced as one of the 5 most selling haggadas in “stimatzki” book stores, it was also featured on many TV shows as the perfect Passover gift.

From the Jerusalem post :

"The commandment "And you shall tell your child" is the reason most commonly given for the retelling of the Exodus story on Seder night, but in reality, it is not so easy to engage children in the proceedings.

Haggadah in Another Dimension is an innovative 3-D volume in Hebrew and English that will keep children entertained as they follow the traditional Haggada text accompanied by photos of the Exodus story and the present-day Seder night viewed with special glasses that come with the book.

"It's right out of the story," said one eight-year-old excitedly when she put on the 3-D glasses. "How does it work?"

Indeed, when viewed through the glasses, the photos of the sculpted depictions of the Exodus story - such as that of an Egyptian whipping a Jew - look like they are right out of a movie. Others, like that of the Four Sons, provide a more comic interpretation. The Wise Son sports '70s-era glasses; the Wicked Son looks like a modern-day Fonzie; the Simple Son is wide-eyed with a flower on his purple lapel and the One Who Does Not Know How to Ask looks uncannily like Ben Stiller.

Though the text is full length, complete with instructions in English and Hebrew, the Haggada is suitable for both older and younger children, who will all get a kick out of the 3-D glasses. "

This haggadah was approved by Rabbi Akiva Yitzhaki.