Laura Cowan Ripple Effect Seder Plate

Laura Cowan Ripple Effect Seder Plate


Brand: Laura Cowan

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Stainless Steel (base), Neodymium (magnets), Porcelain (bowls)

Size: 32.5cm/13" diameter

This unique Seder plate has been inspired by the rippling effect a single raindrop can have on a much bigger pool of water. The word "Pesach" appears in the middle of the gleaming mirror-polished steel plate, and words from the traditional "Mah Nishtana" Seder song have been engraved in both English and Hebrew in concentric circles, rippling out and growing in size around the plate's circumference. The plate includes six magnetized porcelain bowls, which can be arranged in any pattern on the shining surface. This unusual Seder plate is beautiful and a perfect addition to your Passover celebrations!

There are six ritual foods used as part of the Seder: Karpas (a vegetable, typically parsley), Maror (a bitter vegetable, often grated horseradish), Chazaret (a second bitter vegetable), Charoset (a sweet cement-like paste made of apples, nuts, dried fruits and wine), Beitzah (a scorched boiled egg) and Zeroah (a burned shank bone).

Inspired by real-life events and the world around us, Tel-Aviv based Laura Cowan creates hypermodern pieces of Judaica. Her stunning work offers an alternative to "traditional" Jewish designs, and pieces from her extensive range of practical Jewish art make enviable gifts! Laura's work has been displayed in Israel and around the world, and even in space - two of her mezuzah cases grace the International Space Station!