Dorit Judaica Stainless Steel Matzah Stand - Pomegranates

Dorit Judaica Stainless Steel Matzah Stand - Pomegranates


Brand: Dorit Judaica

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Stainless Steel

Size: 6.5"X 6.1"X 3.1" / 16.5 X 12.5 X 8 cm

This gorgeous stainless steel matzah stand features the Hebrew word for Matzah, underneath an elegant pomegranate decorative motif. It is sized to fit all standard machine made matzahs, and its vertical orientation takes up less table space while being practical and beautiful.

The pomegranate is referenced throughout the Bible as one of the 7 species native to the Land of Israel. In addition, the pomegranate has some of the deepest and richest symbolism in Judaism as its many seeds symbolize the mitzvot, and hence, righteousness, as well as prosperity, fruitfulness and wisdom.

Dorit is the founder of Dorit Judaica. She's a religious woman, with a singular passion for Jewish art. Her faith helps her create vivid pieces that are pleasing to the senses. She specializes in integrating Jewish texts into her colorful work. You'll notice that Dorit employs her remarkable creativity in all her designs. She is a seventh-generation Israeli, and lives in Petach Tikva with her husband and four kids.