Tu BiShvat, the Jewish holiday commonly associated with trees and the Seven Species of the Land of Israel, is almost upon us! It's the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and to brighten up your winter by bringing in some tree and flower motifs into your home - and we have dozens of special Tu BiShvat-themed gifts from Israel's best artists that do just that!

Check out our top 15 favorite Tu BiShvat gifts below for the best ways to honor the New Year of the Trees. And see our blog for info on Tu BiShvat and its traditions as well as the meanings behind the Seven Species.

1. Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Laser Cut Bowl

Honor both trees and the most famous of the Seven Species with this colorful, hand-painted pomegranate serving bowl from famous Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, featuring a laser-cut pomegranate tree motif adorned with birds. It makes for both a lovely decorative piece as well as festive tableware for holiday or everyday use, and is available in a choice of two different sizes. If you’re looking to add more appreciation for Israel’s nature to your meals this Tu BiShvat and year round, or you simply enjoy contemporary art, this vibrant and beautiful piece is a must-have!

2. Inspirational Pomegranate Tree Wall Hanging

Bring a beautiful tree motif from the Land of Israel into your home this Tu BiShvat with this inspirational wall hanging from renowned Israeli designer Dorit Judaica. The vibrantly colored metal wall art features an elaborate pomegranate tree design along with a stream of water and a Hebrew passage from the Talmud that expresses appreciation for the best that nature has to offer: the sweetness of fruit, the pleasantness of shade, and the earth’s magnificent trees and flowing streams. This beautiful message will be a meaningful way of connecting your home to Israel’s nature and all of God’s natural bounty!

3. Dorit Judaica Blue Window Home Greeting

Whenever someone comes to visit your home, make sure the first thing they see is this beautiful Hebrew home greeting from the Land of Israel! This colorful stainless steel wall art from Israeli favorite Dorit Judaica features the Hebrew words "Baruch Ata Bevoacha, Baruch Ata Betzeitcha" (“Blessed are you in coming, blessed are you in going”) along with artful potted flowers. The piece is shaped in the traditional arched style of windows found throughout the Land of Israel and painted blue, a color commonly associated with mysticism and Divine protection for the home.

4. Natural Semi-Dry Pomegranate Wine

A unique product of the Land of Israel, this natural, semi-dry pomegranate fruit wine is hand-produced in Kibbutz Ga’aton in the Galilee in a traditional cottage industry fashion, giving it a delicious home-made taste. It’s full of antioxidants and the rich nutrients of the pomegranate, and is certified kosher by the Israeli Rabbinate. You’ll have a new appreciation for Judaism’s most famous fruit and for Israel’s natural bounty after tasting this outstanding wine!

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5. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Challah Cover (Choice of Colors)

Bring a touch of Israeli art and nature to your shabbat and holiday meals, with this intricately embroidered challah cover from acclaimed Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel. Blending the best of traditional faith and contemporary design, it’s decorated with an array of pomegranate branches, flowers, and birds, along with the Hebrew words "Shabbat VeYom Tov" (“Sabbath and Holiday”). It’s available in a choice of multicolored or silver hues - and any one of them will adorn your meals with a touch of elegance and a connection to the Land of Israel!

6. Gold-Plated Peace In The Home Wall Hanging with Seven Species

Decorated with biblical verses, this 7-Species inspired plaque is the perfect way to connect to Tu Bishvat, adorning the wall of any room in the home. Dorit Judaica has created this fantastic gold-plated piece featuring the design of grapes, pomegranates, wheat, and olives in the quadrants of the square. A verse goes around the border on three of the outer sides, taken from Psalms and the Book of Samuel, each about God's blessing. This would make for a lovely holiday, housewarming, or birthday present.

7. Pomegranate Tree Painted Metal Candle Holder (Choice of Colors)

Adorn your home with the inspiring themes of Tu BiShvat every day of the year, with this metal candle holder in the shape of a tree that is colorfully decorated with pomegranates and birds. Crafted by renowned Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel in his Jerusalem studio, it’s available in two different stunning color combinations. The holder fits two tea lights, and will be perfect for your shabbat lights or any other special occasion, while serving as a vibrant, contemporary work of art even when not in use.

8. Handmade Tree of Life Ceramic Plaque Wall Hanging

This limited-edition, colorful ceramic plaque has been handcrafted by the artists at Tel Aviv family-run studio Art in Clay, and features a beautiful Tree of Life design that’s accented with 24K gold detailing. Bring this poignant symbol of life, creation, and nature into your home, while supporting artists from the Land of Israel! The plaque comes with its own stand or can be hung on a wall, so you can show off your Biblical roots and Jewish pride however you like.

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9. Lin’s Farm Sweet Gift Box (Wine, Olive Oil, Honey)

Take part in the Tu BiShvat tradition of indulging in Israel’s natural foods and some of the Seven Species with this delicious gift set from Israeli artisanal brand Lin’s Farm. It includes top-of-the-line kosher red wine from Jerusalem Wineries, pure Israeli olive oil, and all-natural wildflower honey from the Judean hills. Featuring the best that the Land of Israel has to offer, the set comes in a chic gift box and makes a perfect present for Tu BiShvat or any other occasion!

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10. Art in Clay Handmade Seven Species Ceramic Plaque

Connect with nature and bring the powerful symbol of the Seven Species into your home with this magnificent, Seven Species ceramic plaque from the family-run studio Art In Clay, in Jaffa-Tel Aviv. It’s made from ceramic and adorned with 24K gold, with painted images and names of the Seven Species all around the perimeter, along with "The Seven Species" in both English and Hebrew. This masterful display of elegance, craftsmanship, and Biblical meaning will make a beautiful gift for a loved one - or a chance to upgrade your own Jewish home decor in style!

11. Hand Painted Metal Hamsa with Birds and Pomegranates

Another gorgeous, must-have piece from famous Israeli Judaica designer Yair Emanuel is this colorful, hand painted metal hamsa wall hanging. The hamsa is an ancient symbol of luck and Divine protection, and this one is adorned with an intricate tree design featuring vibrantly colored birds and pomegranates. This eye-catching work of art will instantly brighten up any room, while providing a beautiful connection to the Land of Israel!

12. Yael Elkayam Framed Blessing for the Home

A blessing for the home, Bircat HaBayit, is one of the most quintessential pieces of Judaica to fit inside any Jewish household. This piece of art is great for the season of Tu Bishvat, representing the first blooming of flowers after the winter rain. In charming floral rings that could feel at home in a country cottage, the Hebrew blessing sits above the writing in English for peace and prosperity in the home.

13. Dorit Judaica Multicolored Flowers of Israel Sculpture

While everyone has seen a vase of flowers, and even plastic flowers to look natural, these eye-catching and vibrant painted flowers on laser-cut metal are a work of art. Made as an ultra-thin sculpture to stand up on a table, here's an incredible centerpiece that will never fade or wither. This creation from Dorit Judaica will wow your family and guests at Tu Bishvat and throughout the rest of the year!

14. Tree of Life Unisex T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

The Tree of Life has always been a symbol of vitality and the eternity of Judaism. This excellent Tree of Life shirt is a subtle nod to the holiday that is the New Year for Trees, while also celebrating the Jewish people as a whole. This shirt would be wonderful for any Tu Bishvat meal, but would look just as nice year round. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes for the perfect fit for yourself or a loved one.

15. Dorit Judaica Flower of Israel Sculpture

This innovative sculpture is made from painted, laser-cut metal put on a stand. The flower-pot design looks almost 2-d, but stands on a base to make your table or bookshelf come to life. This work of art brings a pop of color to any room, with the vibrancy and vitality of real flowers but without the fear of wilting or need for watering.

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