Husband and wife team Alice and Brian Bergner live and work on Israel's beautiful Mediterranean coastline, in the ancient town of Caesarea. Inspired by the changing sea, ongoing archaeological digs and established historical sites in the region, they create some of the most exciting contemporary art and Judaica pieces available today. They use a range of media to create their masterpieces, including genuine Jerusalem stone, anodized aluminium and shards of glass recovered from the archaeological sites nearby. Their work is characterized by two very distinct styles: Jerusalem stone pieces which are classic and historic in appearance, and are engraved with significant symbols and phrases, and ultramodern metal designs featuring seamless metalwork and exceptional craftsmanship.

  • Judaica: With their unique blend of cutting-edge technique, unusual artistry and marine inspiration, Caesarea Arts has created some of the most covetable pieces of Judaica on the market! Their multicolored candlesticks are a stunning centerpiece to any festive occasion, and are both tall enough to be elegant and bright enough to lend a contemporary feel to your shabbat table. Their range of unusually-shaped Kiddush cups features a completely unique design, and are available in a range of colors. Additionally, their challah boards are made from a specially formulated porcelain, and the special anodized aluminium handles on the challah knives match the candlesticks, letting you perfectly coordinate your shabbat table! Caesarea Arts also boasts completely unique range of anodized aluminium Torah pointers, which would make ideal Bar Mitzvah gifts or a stunning donation to your synagogue.
  • Mezuzahs: Although mezuzahs should technically be included with Judaica, Caesarea Arts' stunning pieces really do deserve their own section! Expertly crafted from a selection of materials such as anodized aluminium, Jerusalem stone and black onyx, these mezuzah cases cover a range of styles to suite all tastes and color schemes. These stylized cases are elegant and contemporary, and are great statement pieces with which to embellish the entrance to your home!
  • Holidays: The Jewish holidays are accompanied by a range of specialized items, without which the festive celebration simply wouldn't be the same! Work your way around the Jewish calendar with Caesarea Arts' beautiful honey dishes, fabulous Hanukkah menorahs and iconic seder plates, all of which are available in a variety of styles and colors. These items are unlike anything else available in Israel, and would make gorgeous gifts to your holiday hosts or a wonderful addition to your own home.
  • Tableware and home decor: Caesarea Arts produce a highly exclusive range of tableware, which epitomizes the brand's refined sophistication. They also produce a number of covetable paperweights, crafted from Jerusalem stone and engraved with traditional Jewish insignia like doves, harps and pomegranates, ideal for adding a touch of Israel to your workspace in the most creative way possible. Their 12 Tribes-themed Jerusalem stone clock is of a similar style to the paperweights, and together would add an impressive focal point to your office!


Exuding excellent craftsmanship and taste, Caesarea Arts is truly among the best contemporary designers Israel has to offer. Their exceptional artistry guarantee that you'll love the pieces you choose, whether for yourself or as an awesome gift to someone you love!