One of the most traditional Jewish jewelry motifs is the Hamsa hand, believed to bring Divine protection and good fortune to its wearer, and a common good luck charm in Judaism. The symbol is one of the most common ones utilized by Israeli jewelry designers and artists, who use their creativity to experiment with different Hamsa shapes and materials, often incorporating precious stones or other symbols and inspirations from Jewish tradition.

Our full selection of Hamsa jewelry includes more than 250 options to choose from, with something for every style, occasion, and budget. To help you choose the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one, we've listed our top favorites below!

(And if you're looking for hamsa-themed art and home décor, we have a Top 10 list for that here!)





1. 14K Gold Hamsa Pendant Necklace with Diamond Evil Eye

This elegant pendant necklace is a sleek and modern take on the traditional Hamsa design, the ancient Jewish symbol of Divine protection, and will make a stunning addition to your wardrobe or an unforgettable gift for a special someone. Available in either white or yellow 14K gold, it boasts a polished finish and a diamond "evil eye" in the center. Wear your Jewish tradition with pride and style, with this chic piece sent straight from the Land of Israel!








2. Sterling Silver Filigree and Eilat Stone Hamsa Necklace

Crafted from sterling silver in a chic filigree design, this stunning necklace is shaped like a Hamsa and set in the center with an evil eye design made out of Eilat Stone, Israel's unique blue-green national gemstone. Stylish and meaningful and with a special connection to the Land of Israel, you'll love the traditional motifs and the modern craftsmanship. Coming from Israel’s renowned jewelry studio Rafael, it's sure to be a treasured piece for many years to come.






3. 14K Gold Hamsa Necklace with Ornate Filigree Design

This gorgeous, ornate 14K yellow gold pendant is shaped like a Hamsa and comes from the talented artisans at Jerusalem Design Studio. It boasts a gleaming, polished border, while the inside is filled with an intricate filigree design. Both a fashion statement and a meaningful Jewish symbol, this beautiful piece is a must-have for any woman's wardrobe!







4. Red String Silver Bracelet with Multiple Jewish Charms

Wear your Jewish identity with pride and ward off the "evil eye" with this beautiful and fashionable red string kabbalistic bracelet. Made from sterling silver, this eye-catching bracelet is interwoven with the iconic kabbalistic red string believed to protect against misfortune, and adorned with four classic Jewish charms and amulets: a Star of David, a Chai symbol, a Hamsa, and an Evil Eye. A wonderful fusion of faith and contemporary style, this fabulous bracelet is perfect for your everyday wear or would make a meaningful gift for someone special.





5. 14K Gold Hamsa Pendant Necklace with Ruby Stones

Made from exquisite 14K yellow gold, this incredible Hamsa pendant necklace from Rafael Jewelry is sure to impress and captivate the special woman in your life! It's decorated with six vibrant ruby stones and an array of inspiring nature symbols common in traditional Jewish art: flowers, birds, grapes, pomegranates, and fish. This beautiful Hamsa necklace will make a fantastic gift for a birthday, Bat Mitzvah, graduation, engagement, anniversary, or any other special occasion.






6. Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Amethyst Hamsa Necklace

The acclaimed Shoham Yemenite Art studio is known for bringing ancient silversmithing methods and the traditional art of filigree to modern audiences, often combined with poignant Jewish symbolism and impeccable style - and this beautiful handcrafted Hamsa necklace is no exception! Made from sterling silver in Shoham Simchi's Jerusalem-area workshop, the stunning pendant is adorned with an intricate filigree rope design and a radiant purple amethyst stone, for a unique take on the traditional Hamsa that'll be a beloved piece of any woman's jewelry collection.





7. Diamond-Accented 14K Gold and Blue Enamel Hamsa Pendant

Crafted by famous Israeli designer Anbinder Jewelry, this stunning, luxurious 14K gold necklace features the iconic Jewish Hamsa symbol in bold blue enamel and your choice of yellow or white gold finish. It's set with glistening white diamonds along each of the fingers and within the central "evil eye" design, making it a deluxe and eye-catching piece that you or your lucky gift recipient will absolutely adore.








8. Personalized Hamsa Necklace with Hebrew Initials

If you're searching for a stunning, personalized piece of Jewish jewelry for a loved one in honor of a special occasion, then this custom-made Hamsa initial necklace in sterling silver or gold plating is the one for you! This exceptional design features an ornate Middle Eastern motif and an "evil eye" inside a traditional Hamsa, along with space on its fingers for up to 3 engraved Hebrew initials of your choosing. Meaningful, stylish, and totally unique to the wearer, this necklace is a must-have!








9. 14K Gold and Opal Hamsa Pendant Necklace

A modern take on the traditional symbol of luck and Divine protection, this sleek 14K yellow gold pendant necklace is magnificently set with a radiant opal stone inside an elegant Hamsa shape. This necklace is an exclusive design by one of Israel's most renowned artisan studios, Rafael Jewelry, and it makes for a unique gift for a loved one or a beautiful way to enhance your own wardrobe.








10. Silver Hamsa Necklace with Star of David and Black Diamonds

This modern-yet-traditional sterling silver necklace combines iconic Jewish imagery with expert craftsmanship and beautiful materials: the sleek, silver Hamsa hand pendant features a prominent, 14K yellow gold cut-out Star of David inside, along with three radiant black diamonds. Full of symbolism and meaning, the necklace will be an inspiring and unique gift for a special loved one for any occasion.






11. 18K Gold Diamond Hamsa Necklace with Sapphire Evil Eye

The Tel Aviv-based Yaniv Fine jewelry studio is known for bringing a luxuriously modern flavor to some of Judaism’s most ancient and recognizable symbols, in a fun and contemporary style. This stunning 18K gold deluxe Hamsa necklace is one of the jeweler's most popular pieces, and it's no wonder why: with options in allover yellow gold, white gold, or a combination of the two, and adorned with brilliant diamonds and a Sapphire "evil eye," this is one of the most striking and meaningful Israeli-made necklaces you can get!








12. Ornate Kabbalistic Hamsa Necklace with Inscriptions

Bring a touch of spirituality and mysticism to your jewelry collection with this intricate kabbalistic Hamsa amulet necklace from Studio Golan! Made from sterling silver, the double-sided Hamsa-shaped pendant boasts an engraved filigree pattern on the front, along with raised Hebrew letters spelling out one of the Kabbalistic names of God, Aleph-Lamed-Dalet. There is also a hand engraving of the line from Genesis 49:22, Ben Porat Yosef, Ben Porat Alei Ayin ("A fruitful son is Yosef (Joseph), a fruitful son by a spring"). The back of the pendant, meanwhile, is inscribed with the Priestly Blessing and the first letter of each word of the kabbalistic poem Ana Bekoach, both believed to invoke luck and protection.




13. Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace with Star of David

Combine two of Judaism’s most poignant symbols with this stylish, unisex sterling silver necklace! It features a Hamsa, the traditional Jewish symbol that represents Divine protection against the evil eye, with a Star of David set inside it - in your choice of matching silver or eye-catching gold plating. A variety of silver chain lengths is also available, so it's sure to fit any age and wearing preference. This unique and meaningful piece is sure to stand out and bring joy and pride to the lucky wearer!








14. Silver and Eilat Stone Hamsa Necklace with Jerusalem Motif

Crafted from sterling silver by Rafael Jewelry, this unique Hamsa hand pendant is decorated with an Old Jerusalem motif and is set with a polished cut of variegated Eilat Stone, the national stone of Israel. It comes with a silver chain in your choice of length, to suit any fit and style. Get it for a special loved one, and they'll surely appreciate the Jewish imagery and Israeli connection for years to come!






15. Sterling Silver Hamsa Chai Pendant Necklace

This classic and affordable sterling silver pendant necklace will be a special show of Jewish pride and faith every time you wear it! It features a beautiful Hamsa that's decorated with intricate engravings, an "evil eye," and Chai, the classic Jewish symbol representing life. Made by Judean Hills Jewelry right in the Land of Israel, it also comes with a choice of a silver chain or black silicone cord in a variety of lengths to accommodate any personal style.








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