Hamsa Necklaces are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. What is one of the most popular symbols in Judaism is meant to bring in good luck and ward off evil.  It was common to have a hamsa hand amulet in one's home, and still is of those of Middle Eastern and North African decent, where the hamsa originate from. The symbol is depicted as an open right hand, often with an eye in the center of the palm and adorned with fish or other symbols of protection and luck.  The hand can either be pointing up or down, fingers spread or close together, many believe even the smallest of details have an impact in the hamsa's protection. In Judaism, many connect the hamsa with the exodus from Egypt, as it says that "God took Israel out of Egypt with a strong hand and an outstretched arm".  Hamsa necklaces are gorgeous part of Jewish jewelry and come in stunning variations, made from gold or silver, with shining semi-precious stones, or featuring Kabbalistic and Jewish prayers.  If you believe in the power of the hamsa, it is sure to protect you and bring good luck, all while being fashion forward. We chose our favorite Hamsa styles just for you.

Jerusalem Stone

If you have every been to Jerusalem, more specifically the Old City, you'll see all the buildings are built with a pinkish, white-tan colored stone.  This is called Jerusalem Stone, and is actually the exact stone the Kotel (Western Wall) is made from.  The stone is found throughout Israel and is incredibly durable.  To wear a necklace with this meaningful stone is to carry a piece of Jerusalem with you wherever you go.  Many Jerusalem Stone hamsa necklaces feature different prayers and psalms, in additions to intricately designed silver hamsas.

Many come with a certificate of authenticity, so you know you're getting an authentic quality product

Roman Glass

Almost every day in Israel, archeologist uncover amazing artifacts from throughout history, even from times before the Temple.  A common find is stunning Roman Glass, dating from the Roman Rule in Israel nearly 2,000 years ago.  The multicolored glass is often featured in Israeli jewelry, creating gorgeous combinations and mystical pieces.  The ancient symbol of the hamsa, a symbol of luck, pairs perfectly with the archaic Roman Glass, showing how long we have persevered and prospered throughout history.

Some say that they color blue also has protective powers over the wearer


Eilat Stone

Mined in the deep south, Israel's national stone, Eilat Stone, gets its beautiful green and blue color from copper minerals found in the Negev desert.  There are beliefs that the Eilat Stone carries mystical powers to assist the wearer's personal environment by turning negativity into positivity.  Eilat Stone Hamsa necklaces are the perfect combination of beauty and tradition, as well as a power piece of jewelry.

Eilat Stone is also know as King Solomon's Stone

Shema Yisrael

Shema Yisrael is probably the most well known prayer in Judaism.  The prayer marks our belief in God and is seen in many places throughout Judaism.  It is said twice a day, is the very first blessing we learn as children, and is the last one we say in our lives.  It is also written in every mezuzah, really making the Shema part of our daily life.   If you love Jewish tradition and symbolism, a Shema Yisrael Hamsa Necklace is just for you.

A timeless piece with a hint of modernity

Priestly Blessing

Part of daily prayer in Israel is the Priestly Blessing, something which only happens on major holidays for the rest of the world.  The blessing can only be said and performed by cohanim- priests- but can be worn as a symbol of protection, just like the hamsa. The blessing itself says that God should bless and protect you, deal with you favorably, and bring peace upon you.  Priestly Blessing Hamsa Necklaces make for special jewelry that any spiritual person would love.

The nano inscribed blessing in gold adds an elegant minimalistic touch


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