Jewish culture is replete with Judaica - the beloved objects that fill our homes and synagogues, and allow us to identify something as 'Jewish'. Even the least observant Jews recognize the mezuzah on a front door distinguishing a Jewish home: you don't need to keep Shabbat to identify the ornate Stars of David or protective Lions of Judah decorating archaic synagogue facades in foreign cities. These signature items all represent our unique Jewish heritage in that identity, and Israel's best designers have created some gorgeous jewelry combining contemporary design with thousands of years of history and national pride. Some of these magnificent pieces feature common symbols which you might expect to see in a jewelry collection; others are far more unusual and exclusive. Here' a summary of our fabulous line of Judaica jewelry, and their unique symbolism in Jewish culture.

Star of David Jewelry

The most recognizable of all Jewish symbols, the Star of David is associated with Israel, Zionism and Judaism. The six-pointed star can be found nearly everywhere in Judaism: as decoration on other Judaica items, embroidered into Torah scroll covers, and fluttering proudly on the national flag of Israel.  The oldest known Star of David was found in synagogues in Israel, as early as the 3rd century, proving that this was a symbol we always have identified with.  Our incredible selection of Star of David jewelry is comprised of different styles, metals and embellishments, making each beautiful star unique to its wearer.

The classic Star of David is a look that will never go out of fashion 

Hamsa Jewelry

The iconic Hamsa is a popular symbol across the Middle East and North Africa, in both Judaism and Islam. It represents the hand of God: the hand protects the wearer from the Evil Eye and brings them luck, health, happiness, success and harmony. Hamsas are often decorated with intricate filigree or sparkling gemstones; red and blue stones such as garnets and turquoises are typically used because Kabbalah associates them with positive energy and fortune. Within our complete range of Hamsa jewelry, you are guaranteed to find a spectacular and symbolic Hamsa that's perfect for you.

Hamsa jewelry is currently trending, making any Hamsa jewelry meaningful and fashionable 

Chai Jewelry

Translated as 'living' or 'alive', Chai has become an incredibly popular and meaningful symbol. The Hebrew letters ח (chet) and י (yud) have a numerical value of 18: many Jews believe that 18 is a spiritual number because of its connection to life. The symbol is often combined with other motifs; for example, the word is often held in palm of a Hamsa. Our broad collection of gold and silver Chai pieces features an impressive array of different styles, and showcases the best in Israeli creativity

Eilat stone is said to turn negativity into positivity- going along with how we live life

Mezuzah Jewelry

A mezuzah is a tiny scroll of parchment on which the Shema prayer has been inscribed in ink: this scroll is placed in a decorative casing and connected to doorposts in Jewish homes. Many Jews believe that placing a mezuzah at the entrance to your home will protect you and your family from harm. Our range of beautiful gold and silver mezuzah pendants resembling ornamental mezuzah cases means you can keep this traditional, iconic symbol of Jewish faith close to your heart all the time.

This particular mezuzah pendant was created by the former jewelers of the Royal Court in Yemen

Hoshen Jewelry

When the Holy Temple still stood in Jerusalem, the Kohen Gadol (high priest) wore an elaborate uniform which included a golden headpiece, tiny gold bells, and perhaps the most ornate of all, a breastplate decorated with 12 different precious stones called the Hoshen.  Each of the 12 Tribes of Israel had their own stone, with their name engraved on it. Our range of Hoshen jewelry features several beautiful adaptations of the breastplate and can match any budget: some of the rings are set with colored zirconias, some use semi-precious stones and others feature luxurious frames set with real diamonds.

The Hoshen is one of the most powerful objects as it is said to have showed God's will in certain situations 

Pomegranate Jewelry

Pomegranates have been used decoratively in Judaism for at least 3,000 years, and are still incredibly popular motifs within Jewish art. One of the Seven Species, pomegranates are actually native to Israel, and were also used in Temple services.  Bursting with sweet, juicy seeds, their familiar rounded shape is seen as a symbol for abundance, prosperity and success. Our full range of exquisite pomegranate jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and cufflinks, and features some of the most elegantly refined and meticulously crafted jewelry available from Israeli designers today.

It is rumored that there are 613 seeds in a pomegranate, representing the 613 commandments

Menorah Jewelry

Since Torah times and the days of the Mishkan (the travelling Temple the Jews used in their 40 year journey from Egypt until they conquered Canaan some three hundred years later), the menorah has been a paragon of Jewish identity. Our selection of menorah jewelry, crafted from the highest quality metals and showcasing sharp metalwork skills, is an ideal way to keep this most traditional of Jewish motifs close at all times.

The menorah mixed with the Star of David creates the perfect example of Jewish pride 

Lion of Judah Jewelry

Judah, one of the sons of Jacob was a strong leader among his brothers. On Jacob's deathbed, he compared Judah to the mighty lion, the king of the beasts, just as he would bear kings.  The symbol of the Tribe of Judah, and later the Kingdom of Judah that was ruled by the great King David and King Solomon, was a lion.  Jerusalem was the capital city of the kingdom, and even today, as the capital city of Israel, bears the fearless lion as its symbol. Many of the pieces in the Lion of Judah range are particularly suitable for men, and would make a lovely gift to the strong, special man in your life!

A symbol of strength and leadership- Judah's Lion shows just how strong the people of Israel are

Ten Commandments Jewelry

The giving of the 10 Commandments was arguably one of the most significant moments in Jewish history: this is when the disparate Tribes of Israel united to become the Children of Israel. The 10 Commandments represent both our acceptance of faith and God, and Jewish unity and are the basis of our Jewish foundation. Our iconic 10 Commandments jewelry pieces are rare, unique works of art which beautifully manifest a connection to Judaism.

Handcrafted Ten Commandments jewelry makes fabulous Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts as they take on the commandments  

Western Wall Jewelry

Millenia ago, theTemple stood in Jerusalem. Thousands of people gathered at this most hallowed of sites to worship God - but the unthinkable happened and the epicenter of Judaism was razed to the ground. All that remains is the Western Wall (and part of the Southern Wall which is still attached), which is now regarded by Jews and many non-Jews as the holiest place in the world and attracts more than 5 million visitors every year. Our small collection of Western Wall jewelry features unique gold and sterling silver pieces which incorporate the Wall's iconic brickwork into their symbolic rings and pendants.

With a piece of Jerusalem stone inside the pendant, you'll always be carrying a piece of Jerusalem with you

The combination of beautiful, ancient traditions, a proud, Jewish identity and gorgeous contemporary design makes Judaica jewelry one of the most exciting and innovative genres on the market. Our extensive range of stunning Judaica jewelry items is guaranteed to include something you'll absolutely love, whatever your style or budget!