Lin's Farm

Lin's Farm's story begins in 1935 with Uriel Lin, a young boy, working in the fields of the Jezreel Valley who dreams of one day starting his own farm. Years later, Uriel Lin's dream comes true as he and his wife Tamar establish Lin's Farm in central-southern Israel, in the area of Kfar Bilu. Lin's Farm is best known for their natural and preservative-free dips, spreads, and honey made with the freshest ingredients from the farm. There are honeys made from wildflowers and infused with fruit, gift baskets featuring everything you could ever eat, and mini taster sets for when you want a treat from Israel. Lin's Farm is a favorite among Israelis and internationals alike and will always be sweet reminder of Israel.

Gift Baskets

Lin's Farms Gift Baskets

Lin's Farms gift baskets are the perfect hostess gift! Their gift sets come with different honeys, oils, wines, spreads, and more. The Israeli Delights, Tiny Taste-Box, From the Whole Heart, and Taste of Israel gift baskets feature four different delicious spreads that all ages can enjoy while some like Gladden their Hearts come with wine from Teperberg or Jerusalem Wineries and other tasty treats from the farm. Aside for hostess gifts, these gift baskets are perfect for anyone, even just as a treat to yourself to be able to try a number of the marvelous products that come from Lin's Farms.

❤︎ We Love this healthy gift basket and this gift basket with olive oil, honey, and wine.

Wild Flower Honey

Lin's Farm Honey

Wildflower honey is one of the most common types of honey, and getting it from Israel is something very special. Aside for gift baskets like All Natural one  and the Tiny Taste-Box that include honey inside, you can choose a jar of Israeli wildflower honey to keep in your home or give as a gift, especially this one with an apple dish for Rosh Hashanah. Lin's Farm has a variety of wild flower honey, including pure honey which is very thick and sweet, regular wild flower honey, and those that come from flowers found in the Jerusalem Hills and the Negev Desert. Plus, they make a mini honey jar which is the perfect addition to a honey bowl gift or a tea themed gift.

❤︎ We Love this pure wild flower honey and this Jerusalem Hills wild flower honey.

Unique Honey

Lin's Farm Unique Honey

When they say Israel is the land of milk and honey, they really are not lying. Some say this phrase refers to date honey or silan, as dates have been growing in Israel for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. You can also try their silan and a few other spreads with the Israeli Delights gift basket. Lin's Farm also produces incredibly unique honeys from eucalyptus trees and avocado flowers that have an unusual but sweet taste to it. One of the other interesting honey products Lin's Farm creates is infused honey. For Rosh Hashanah you can bring out a honey with apples to really keep with the apples and honey theme. For the rest of the year there is a mint infused honey and one with raspberries and pomegranates for something extra sweet.

❤︎ We Love this avocado flower honey and this raspberry and pomegranate infused honey.

 Passover Gift Sets

Lin's Farm Passover Gift Baskets

Passover is a time to be with family and friends, and for your host, you're going to want something special. Lin's Farms' classic gift sets like the Israeli Delights and the All-Natural are available in a Kosher for Passover manner, with oil and different spreads to enjoy with your matzah. For your Seder table there is a delicious haroset made with apples and red wine that everyone will really enjoy. Lin's Farm Marinade and Sweet Treats gift basket comes with different things to cook with, so it is something you can even get for yourself to make your Passover table refreshing and with new tastes.

❤︎ We Love Lin's Farm Haroset and Israel's Best gift basket.