The first night (or two if you live outside Israel) of Passover are spent around the table with family and friends for the Passover Seder. The time is spent reading the Haggadah- the story of the exodus from Egypt, singing traditional songs, asking questions, and there are times where we point to the table's centerpiece, the Seder plate. Seder plates are something that might be passed down from generation to generation but for new families or those that want to freshen up their Passover table, there are plenty of magnificent options from Israel.

Israel Museum Seder Plates

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is not just a place to study history and history, it is also a place that brings history to you. Well known for its replicas, the Israel Museum recreates beautiful Seder plates from some of the largest and ancient communities in the world. For Passover, bring a piece of your heritage to the table with one of their stunning Seder plates. Germany, Holland, and Vienna are just a few places where stunning Seder plates have been found, some even dating back to the 15th century.

❤︎ We love this 19th century Seder plate from Alsace and this red Spanish Seder plate.

Traditional Seder Plates

When you love keeping to what you know, then a traditional Seder plate would be just for you. From beautiful sterling silver Seder plates that will shine on or beautiful glass options we have you covered. These beautiful circular Seder plates have amazing designs incorporated into the dish and, if you are shopping on a budget, we have bamboo and nickel Seder plates that look just as elegant. The choice is up to you to choose between plates that are more simple and those with intricate designs for something a little more modern.

❤︎ We love this Dorit Judaica Seder plate and this silver dipped Seder plate.

Israeli Designer Seder Plates

Designer Seder plates are just what the modern couple needs for Passover. If you are looking for a more modern design, check out the stunning works for Orit Grader and Barbara Shaw or the gorgeous ceramic works of Michael Ben Yosef for a more traditional look. Passover also marks the spring season in Israel, and a growing trend is nature themed Seder plates, such as the ones by Shraga Landesman, to properly celebrate this new time of the year. Israeli designers have some of the most unique Seder plates you have ever seen!

❤︎ We love this rectangular lace-like Seder plate and this Flower Seder plate by Adi Sidler.

Seder Plates On A Budget

On a budget? Check out these Seder plates for less than $50! These Seder plates are elegant, and some are even bestsellers that are sure to impress. Bright and colorful from Armenian Ceramics or solid metal options like this stunning classic look, there are plenty to choose from to use year after year. These Seder plates have markers as to where each of the six symbolic foods go and while no two are the same, they are all equally beautiful. Judaica tends to get expensive but luckily there are plenty of beautiful inexpensive options to choose from!

❤︎ We love this nickel Seder plate and this blue and cream Seder plate.