Spring is a time for nice weather, flowers, and of course weddings. Spring Jewish wedding gifts are colorful and make you think of nature, some are even perfect for Passover, the Spring holiday of renewal and freedom. Many Israeli artists are inspired by nature and the world that surrounds them which results in some of the most beautiful gifts, any of which a newlywed couple would deeply appreciate. Of course, these also make great gifts for all seasons, but to give the new couple something that will remind them of the great weather from the time of their wedding would be very personal and meaningful.

Passover Judaica

Passover Judaica Passover Judaica is a unique gift when the wedding is before Passover. Seder plates, Matzah and Afikomen covers, matzah trays and more, even if the couple is spending the upcoming holiday with family, some of these items can be used throughout the week of Passover and when they begin hosting the Seder in their home. Most of these are very colorful and incorporate spring like this Orit Grader Seder plate, since Passover is the holiday of renewal and is the beginning of spring according to the Hebrew calendar. Passover Judaica is not normally given but it is an incredible and needed gift.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate Seder plate and this tulip matzah tray.

Jewish Wall Art

Jewish Wall Art Jewish Wall Art is a gift good for anytime but are a burst of color that will brighten up any room. Choose whichever theme you like, something that expresses the love of the new couple, a stunning house blessing like this David Fisher original, that wishes well on the new home, or a lovely Hamsa among other things. Each Israeli artist has their own personal style that stands out like Dorit Judaica's signature pomegranates, and incorporates their own source of inspiration. There is truely something that fits everyone's personality and style, and who can resist an original Israeli masterpiece.

❤︎ We love this colorful Hamsa and this floral home and guest blessing.

Nature Inspired Tableware

Nature Inspired Tableware Nature inspired tableware can be used over the spring holidays of Passover and Shavuot or all year round to bring some nature vibes into the room. Decorated with flowers, pomegranates, and the Seven Species, these serving dishes, fruit bowls, salt and pepper shakers, trivets, honey dishes, and challah boards will brighten up any table for any occasion. The newlyweds can impress their guests with gorgeous tableware from Israel, and when you visit them, you'll be happy to see your gift in action! Nature inspired tableware is always a present favorite.

❤︎ We love this bold blue serving tray and these pomegranate salad servers.

Floral Mezuzahs

Floral MezuzahsMezuzahs are placed in almost every room of the home, so having a nice one really matters. Nature inspired mezuzahs have that spring feeling to them and include some of the most beautiful mezuzahs in the Judaica WebStore. Ofek Wertman adds a modern touch to his mezuzahs while Iris Design and Dorit Judaica have an intricate look to them. Perfect for indoors and out, this little piece of Judaica has been known to keep the home safe as well as remind the Jewish people of their connection to G-d. If you do get a mezuzah for the newlyweds, make sure to include a scroll so that they can hang it up in the proper way.

❤︎ We love this roses mezuzah and this gold ceramic mezuzah.