The US and Israel have always had a special bond and are among each other’s strongest allies, which is something both Americans and Israelis can be proud of!

If you're a proud supporter of the Jewish state and the US-Israel relationship, America's Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to show off that pride! In an age where Israel's right to exist and US support for Israel is constantly questioned and challenged, wearing clothing, hats, or jewelry that shows where you stand is a powerful statement.

We have rounded up our 10 favorite items from Judaica WebStore that are perfect for July 4 or any other day of the year, to celebrate the special bonds between the US and Israel. Happy Independence Day to America from Jerusalem!

Want to brush up on your knowledge of the US-Israel relationship? Check out this blog post about the history of this special friendship!



1. "Jerusalem: United We Stand" T-Shirt

Jerusalem has been a central part of the US-Israel relationship, with America as one of the few nations supporting Israel’s sovereignty over an undivided Jerusalem as its capital. And you can now show off your love of the Holy City and your pride for both the US and Israel with this patriotic cotton t-shirt! Featuring the phrase "Jerusalem, United We Stand" along with American and Israeli flags against a rich dark blue background, this shirt is the perfect embodiment of the unbreakable bond between Israel and the United States.







2. Jerusalem/USA Black Patriotic Snapback Cap

Another amazing gift for any American who loves Jerusalem is this stylish and adjustable patriotic snapback cap. The unique design displays the name of Israel's eternal capital Jerusalem in 3D white embroidery, while the letters “USA” inside “Jerusalem” are decorated with the red, white, and blue of the American flag. The hat is made from 100% high-quality cotton and designed right in the Holy City, and will be a chic and meaningful addition to any wardrobe!







3. “United We Stand” Unisex T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

Show off your love for the United States and Israel loud and proud with this unisex cotton t-shirt! Its bold US and Israeli flag design along with the words "United We Stand" will be a meaningful fashion statement, while the high-quality materials will make it one of your comfiest everyday go-to t-shirts. It’s available in several different vibrant colors and a range of sizes, making it the perfect gift for any age, gender, fit, and style.









4. Israel-America Star of David Adjustable Snapback Cap

This chic and meaningful baseball hat combines Jewish, Israeli, and American pride all in one with its distinctive design and bold color scheme. Made from high-quality cotton, the gray and blue snapback cap is embroidered with a unique emblem incorporating the Star of David and the stars & stripes reminiscent of the US flag. This fashionable summer accessory is a must-have for all those who cherish the Israel-America relationship!








5. American & Israeli Flags Baseball Cap

You can never go wrong with this classic bestselling baseball cap to express your support for the USA and Israel wherever you go! You’ll love the affordable price, comfortable adjustable fit, and simple yet-to-the-point design, featuring an embroidery of crossed Israeli and American flags on both the bill and the cap itself.








6. "United We Stand" America-Israel Coffee Mug

Start your morning off right with a strong cup of coffee or tea and a mug representing the two nations you love! This ceramic US-Israel mug features crossed American and Israeli flags with the words “United We Stand,” making it a bold and stylish expression of patriotism and pride. The mug is versatile, dishwasher and microwave safe, available in two sizes, and makes for a perfect gift - both a functional piece of tableware as well as a meaningful piece of home décor.







7. US-Israel Friendship Lapel Pin

Made from enamel and metal, this vibrantly-colored pin features an Israeli flag and American flag crossing over each other in an embrace of friendship, and is a gorgeous symbol of the enduring bond between the two states. Pin it to your lapel, your backpack or purse, your jacket - the opportunities for showing off your US-Israel pride are endless!








8. Support Israel Gift Set

Show your support for the special US-Israel relationship wherever you go, with this stylish and patriotic gift set! Included are a blue Israel flag baseball cap, fun and versatile Israel bracelet, and a cotton dark blue t-shirt decorated with the Israeli and American flags crossing over each other and the words "Jerusalem: United We Stand." A perfect show of pride for Independence Day or any time of the year!








9. Israeli & American Flag Double-Sided Charm

Coming from popular Israeli studio Marina Jewelry is this fabulous double-sided pendant charm featuring the American flag on one side and Israeli on the other. It’s expertly crafted from sterling silver and vibrantly colored enamel, and will fit standard snake-chain charm bracelets. Add it to your jewelry collection or gift it to a special someone, for a cute and eye-catching show of US-Israel love.








10. "America, Don't Worry: Israel is Behind You" White T-Shirt

If you're a military buff, this is the t-shirt for you! Made from 100% cotton, this army-themed white shirt reads, "America, don't worry: Israel is behind you" and features a tank, a jet, and a helicopter, as well as the colors of your two beloved countries. You'll love showing off your pride in Israel's strong military and unbreakable bond with the US with this fun and meaningful statement t-shirt!







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