Hanukkah is one of the most kid-friendly Jewish holidays - with its mesmerizing lights, fun dreidel games, tasty treats, and of course, gifts! We have dozens of Jewish toys that will help your child or grandchild connect with their Jewish heritage and the spirit of the Hanukkah season. To give you some gift-shopping inspiration, we've rounded up our 8 favorite made-in-Israel toys for the 8 nights of Hanukkah below, sure to give some holiday cheer to your young loved ones!

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1. Colorful Train Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors)

Designed by renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel in his Jerusalem studio, this colorful train is both a beautiful toy and a functional Hanukkah menorah! Crafted from anodized aluminum, the menorah's candleholders sit atop two train cars, while the shamash (helper candle) is nestled higher on the engine car. Available in two color options, it comes with a free blessing booklet and multicolored candles - so it makes a perfect gift for a young child learning about the traditions of the Festival of Lights!





2. Teddy Bear with Israeli Flag Sweatshirt

Soft and cuddly and straight from Israel, this is the perfect stuffed animal for your young loved one to connect with their Jewish pride and love of the Holy Land this Hanukkah. The teddy bear wears a soft blue sweatshirt embroidered with an Israeli flag, and has an Israeli flag heart on its foot. Great for a child of any age and sure to be loved for years to come!






3. Jerusalem Second Temple Laser Cut DIY Kit

If your kid is a history buff or loves puzzles, this fun and educational Second Temple DIY kit is sure to be a hit this Hanukkah. Made from 267 laser-cut wooden pieces that easily fit together, the kit becomes an intricate and historically accurate model of the Second Temple that can be proudly displayed in your home. It comes with detailed building instructions and an explanation of the Temple's historical and religious background, and will be a great way for your child to connect to Jerusalem and the Hanukkah story of the Temple's rededication by the Maccabees.





4. Noah's Ark Wooden Dreidel with Stand

This stunning wooden, colorful dreidel was crafted and hand-painted by Jerusalemite artist Yair Emanuel. Pass on the Hanukkah tradition of spinning dreidel with this fun toy featuring artistic depictions of the Biblical story of Noah's Ark. It also comes with its own matching stand, so it can be beautifully displayed in your child's room or next to their menorah when not in use.






5. Colorful Tic-Tac-Toe Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors)

This distinctive, modern take on the Hanukkah menorah from Tel Aviv artist Laura Cowan doubles as a tic-tac-toe game and can be arranged in any order or shape you desire. Choose from several color options, and add a unique touch to your Festival of Lights along with fun for the whole family. It comes with a free Hanukkah blessings booklet in Hebrew and English - to help you teach your child the Hanukkah lighting tradition after a fun game of playing with the pieces! An option to add hand-made candles from the Israeli city of Safed is also available.





6. Do-It-Yourself Menorah Mosaic Kit

Young history buffs and crafting fans will enjoy creating their own piece of Hanukkah Judaica art with this DIY mosaic kit from Israel! A fun project for the whole family, this kit includes all the tools you need to create a Temple-like menorah design out of mosaic stones, including assembly instructions in English - as well as a wooden board to hang it up and display for years to come.






7. Ark of the Covenant Laser Cut DIY Kit

A great way to connect with Jewish faith and heritage is by building a model of an integral part of the Temple and our people's connection to the Divine: the Ark of the Covenant itself, with this laser cut do-it-yourself kit! It's composed of 36 beautifully painted pieces and comes with illustrated assembly instructions and an information booklet on the Ark of the Covenant. A fun holiday activity for kids, with a meaningful finished piece you'll be proud to display in your home!






8.  Children's Train Hanukkah Menorah

Rounding out our list is another colorful piece from Israel's most famous Judaica designer, Yair Emanuel. This chic Hanukkah menorah is shaped like a cylindrical train engine and boasts a hammered metal finish along with colorful candleholders resting on top. Pass on your Hanukkah traditions and the spirit of the Festival of Lights to younger generations with this fun, child-friendly design straight from the Land of Israel!





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