What is a Souvenir?

Souvenirs are typically small, inexpensive items that remind the owner of special places or memories associated with the object. They are often given as spontaneous gifts and are usually some kind of collectible or whimsical bauble like a keychain, magnet, or other such decorative keepsakes. For most countries, the souvenir industry is an important part of the local economy, with many vendors making their livelihood by manufacturing and selling commemorative merchandise for tourists to enjoy and take home.

As with any other country that receives a lot of visitors from around the world, Israel's souvenir shops play an important part in the economy, so by buying Israeli Souvenirs, you help keep Israel flourishing! But don’t worry; you don’t need to splurge on a plane ticket in order to shop for Israeli souvenirs! We carry an endless selection of potential souvenir items to surprise your friends and family, and best of all, we’ve created this nifty buying guide to help you narrow down the list and find the greatest Souvenirs from Israel!

IDF Gifts

Because Israel has plenty of reasons to be exceptionally proud of its army, this one’s a no-brainer! Celebrated as one of the best-trained fighting forces in the world, the Israeli Army is comprised of thousands of brave young men and women who work tirelessly to defend the Jewish State from those seeking to harm it. These courageous soldiers rely on your support to continue their valiant mission to protect the Holy Land, so if you’ve been wondering what sort of souvenir you should get from Israel, try starting your search with amazing IDF Gifts! From T-Shirts featuring iconic IDF logos to Silver Necklaces like this “Golani Sheli” pendant inspired by the insignias of individual military units, nothing says, “I support the IDF” like our superb selection of Army-themed keepsakes!

Israeli Flag Gifts

For the majority of nations in the world, a country’s identity can often be summed up by its national flag, but for Israel, the Israeli Flag embodies so much more than just patriotic pride or the return of Jews to our ancestral homeland; it symbolizes a sense of hope and security for the future of all Jews around the world. As the universal symbol for Jewish freedom, Israel's unique blue-and-white flag is recognized as a powerful expression of Jewish identity, making any object featuring this iconic symbol a great gift for those who are proud of their heritage! From Flag Hats to Pins, to Jewelry, Clothing and more, Israeli Flag Gifts are classic souvenirs that will delight any proud supporter of Israel!


Clothing from Israel

While souvenirs featuring the Israeli Flag and various Army-themed designs are obviously excellent gifts for those who are patriotic at heart, they aren’t the only amazing souvenirs a person can get from Israel! From Handmade Leather Sandals to incredible Sweatshirts, Israel has all the wardrobe essentials you could ever want or need, so if you're looking to get something high quality, stylish, and fun, just come and explore our outstanding range of practical Clothing products to get special gifts for you and your loved ones! Not only do we carry typical clothing options like T-Shirts and Hats, but we also have an exciting selection of other colorful items such as Aprons, Scarves, Bags and more from leading Israeli designers that are perfect for spicing up your wardrobe with Israel's fashionable designs and charming slogans!


Other Cool Israeli Gifts

If these ideas still don’t satisfy you, then perhaps you should check out our other great gift suggestions! From Jerusalem-themed gifts like this amazing Jerusalem Wall Clock to funny Mugs made by Israel's queen of quirk Barbara Shaw, you’ll find plenty of thoughtful, exciting keepsakes from Israel to share with family and friends so do yourself a favor and explore our incredible store to discover exceptional gifts for every occasion!