Haari Jewelry

Haari Jewelry might be made in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but the spirituality each piece is based off of is heavenly. Haari Jewelry takes inspiration from Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, that has resulted in their jewelry featuring different quotes, symbols, and even metals that represent good tidings and according to Kabbalah, keep the Evil Eye away. Kabbalah works in ways we don't fully understand but if you are a believer, these are some fantastic jewelry pieces you should definitely add to your jewelry arsenal just for extra good luck. Haari's jewelry is unique and does not follow what is trending but rather comes from the heart and reflects a personal journey of what has inspired one to own a precious piece of Haari jewelry.

 Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah Haari Jewelry

Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, using different words, shapes, and letter combinations to represent a deeper meaning and keep good tidings near by. Ana Bekoach is probably the most famous Kabbalistic poem, calling for the redemption of the Jewish people and just like it asks for good luck, a red string bracelet is the perfect match for it as it is also meant to ward off evil. There is also a number of jewelry that features one of the three letter names of G-d that are a segula for something, like Samech-Lamed-Aleph for wealth, Aleph-Lamed-Daled for protection against the Evil Eye, and Mem-Hey-Shin for good health. Haari has also made a 72 name necklace that has all of the three letter names delicately engraved on it.

❤︎ We Love this Merkaba Star of David necklace and this key pendent with a spinning coin.

Scripture Jewelry

Haari Scripture Jewelry

Scripture jewelry has all your favorite blessings and phrases that come from anywhere in the Tanach (complete Jewish Bible). The incredibly special Priestly Blessing, said as a protection over the Jewish people by Kohanim is a favorite and this Star of David offers a new look to an ancient blessing. There are quotes honoring women with the Woman of Valor and Rabot Banot, as well as those showing your love for your significant other with Ani Ledodi. The quote "This too shall pass" has been used to describe the Jewish nation's motivation to keep going, making it a meaningful piece of jewelry, just as all of these are.

❤︎ We Love this Priestly Blessing ring and this Woman of Valor pomegranate ring.

Love Expressions Jewelry

Love Expressions Jewelry

Turn a regular piece of love jewelry into something spiritual with any of Haari's love expressions jewelry. From spinning wedding rings to hearts inspired by Kabbalah and precious Ani Ledodi jewelry. Ani Ledodi is Judaism's love quote, meaning "I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me" and can be used on a contemporary wedding ring, decorated with blue topaz or in a cut-out design.  There is also a Star of David necklace that says, "I love you truely" that combines your heritage and love in one simply beautiful pendent. So many of these jewelry pieces come with stunning gemstones like diamonds, garnets and turquoise for a look as sparkling as your love.

❤︎ We Love this Seven Blessings spinning ring and this Love and Blessing ring.

Traditional Jewish Symbols Jewelry

Traditional Jewish Symbols Jewelry

What would Jewish jewelry be without its traditional Jewish symbols, like Stars of David and Hamsas. The Tree of Life is something we hear about in the very first Parsha, something that connects to the Book of Life in which we are written in every year on Rosh Hashanah. Pomegranates are one of the Seven Species found in ancient Israel, and the Hoshen which was worn by the Head Priest during the times of the Temple and the Tabernacle. The Hamsa is also an ancient amulet, representing good luck and keeping away the Evil Eye for thousands of years. Last but not least, there is the simple but elegant Star of David which has represented the Jewish people for as long as we can remember.

❤︎ We Love this Hamsa necklace with the Priestly Blessing and this silver and gold Evil Eye necklace.

Haari Pendents

Haari Pendents

Haari's pendents are a wonder to have and amazing because you can choose the one you want to wear for any occasion. Each necklace stands for something, whether it be love with one of the three letter names or something that represents the nation of Israel with the Hoshen done up with modern flair. Some of the most unique necklaces include this Hamsa matchmaking pendent and this Star of David that comes together when the two disks lay on top of one another. Haari Jewelry's creations are all original and incredibly special and you will never find anything as meaningful as these special necklaces.

❤︎ We Love this pearl Woman of Valor necklace and this five metals necklace.