Passover is a holiday full of symbolism, ritual, and meaning, and it's also a great time to give gifts to your nearest and dearest. There is in fact a special tradition of giving presents to the children in the family at the Passover Seder or at another time during the eight-day holiday. (And to learn more about how to make the Passover Seder extra fun for your kids, check out our recent blog post here.)

Whether your kids or grandkids are already expecting a gift or you want to surprise them, prepare ahead of time and make their holiday extra-special with our outstanding range of Passover Gifts for Kids straight from the Land of Israel! And if you need help picking the perfect present for your young loved one, here are our Top 10 favorites for Passover 2022:


1. Jerusalem Second Temple Laser Cut Do-it-Yourself Kit

Jerusalem is one of the focal points of Passover, as the Passover Seder ends with the exclamation LeShanah HaBa'ah BeYerushalayim! ("Next Year in Jerusalem!"), expressing our desire for the return of all Jews to Israel and the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. So what better way to help your child connect with Jerusalem than with this Jerusalem Second Temple Laser Cut Do-it-Yourself Kit? The set contains 267 laser-cut wooden piece to build a replica of the Second Temple, and comes with detailed instructions as well as an information booklet detailing the historical and religious background of the Temple. A creative, practical, and educational gift, this DIY building kit will keep your little ones entertained this Passover!




2. Ark of the Covenant Laser Cut Do-it-Yourself Kit

Bring the Torah to life for your kids this Passover with this Ark of the Covenant Laser Cut Do-it-Yourself Kit from Israel! The 36 laser-cut pieces are assembled together to create a remarkable replica of the Ark of the Covenant - the chest containing the Ten Commandments -  which the Israelites carried through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land. The set comes with detailed instructions as well as an informative pamphlet on the religious and historic significance of the Art of the Covenant. Educational, entertaining, and a beautiful symbol of Jewish faith, this fun puzzle kit will provide hours of endless fun this holiday season and beyond.





3. Stainless Steel Children's Kiddush Cup With Hammered Finish

The Passover Seder, like all festive Jewish feasts, includes Kiddush - the sanctification of the holiday over wine or grape juice -so this Stainless Steel Children's Kiddush Cup by renowned Israeli designer Yair Emanuel is a great way to involve your young loved one and make them feel a part of the Seder! Sporting a delightful hammered finish and artistically decorated with the Hebrew words Yeled Tov ("Good Boy"), this beautiful piece of Judaica is the perfect way to introduce your child to one of Judaism's most meaningful rituals.

This beautiful design is also available with a Yalda Tova inscription for a girl here.





4. Sterling Silver Classic Hebrew Name Necklace

For a gift that is truly unique and personal to your child and will help them connect to their Jewish heritage, check out this stylish Sterling Silver Classic Hebrew Name Necklace from Israel! Made of 925 sterling silver, this beautiful necklace displays the name of your choice in a classic Hebrew font and is a terrific gift for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or young cousin this Passover.







5. All-In-One Israeli Independence Day Gift Set

If you're a family that loves celebrating Israel and the miracle of the Jewish state, this All-In-One Israeli Independence Day Gift Set is just the thing for you! Containing a baseball cap, cute teddy bear, kid-friendly bracelet, and standing desk flag, each piece of this phenomenally patriotic gift set is decorated with an Israeli flag and/or the name of Israel. Since Passover is all about freedom and Israeli Independence Day comes just two weeks after Passover, this patriotic gift set makes a fun and meaningful Passover present for your kids.






6. 14K Yellow Gold Interlocking Star of David Pendant Necklace

Give your child a piece of stunning Jewish jewelry for Passover with this 14K Yellow Gold Interlocking Star of David Pendant Necklace from Israel. Sporting a fashionable and contemporary interlocking design, this gold Star of David pendant necklace is a fabulous testament of Jewish faith and identity that your child is sure to love wearing no matter where they go!







7. High-Quality Knitted Solid White Kippah

There's nothing like having a new kippah in honor of a holiday, so why not give a special boy in your life this High-Quality Knitted Solid White Kippah in time for Passover? White is a color associated with purity and holiness and is therefore a popular color for holiday and Shabbat kippot, making this wonderful white kippah an excellent choice for Passover!







8. Sterling Silver 10 Commandments Pendant Necklace

The giving of the Torah and the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai marks the culmination of the Jewish People's journey from being slaves in Egypt to being a free people under God. This marvelous Marina Jewelry Sterling Silver 10 Commandments Pendant Necklace displays the two 10 Commandments tablets with the Hebrew version of each commandment and is topped by a lovely Star of David. Both meaningful and stylish, the lucky recipient of this pendant necklace will love wearing it and showing off their Jewish faith for many years to come.






9. Jerusalem Tzedakah Box

Giving tzedakah (charity) is one of Judaism's central values and a common way of honoring Jewish holidays, so why not gift your child with this colorful Jerusalem Tzedakah Box this Passover, and show them just how much beauty there is in giving! Displaying a vibrantly colorful depiction of ancient Jerusalem as well as the Hebrew word "Tzedakah", this box is the perfect way of getting your kid excited about collecting money for charity, while they connect with both the Jewish value of giving and their love of Jerusalem.






10. Armenian Ceramics Jerusalem Seder Plate

The centerpiece of Passover is of course the Passover Seder Plate - the special plate that sits at the center of the table during the Seder and helps us tell the story of the Exodus through six symbolic foods. So why not help your child connect more deeply with the Passover story with their very own Seder Plate?! This sensational Armenian Ceramic Seder Plate with Jerusalem Design is superbly decorated with a colorful depiction of ancient Jerusalem as well as the fabulous floral patterns that are iconic of Armenian Ceramics. The word Pesach ("Passover") sits in the center while the plate is bordered by a bold blue edge. The perfect way to teach your child all about the Passover foods and get them excited about the holiday!




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