One of the oldest and most iconic of Jewish items is the head covering known as the Kippah (Hebrew) or Yarmulke (Yiddish). It may be worn as a religious or spiritual item to express one’s fear and awe of the Divine, or as a cultural signifier of Jewish pride and identity; some may wear it at all times while awake, or only in synagogue or while performing Jewish rituals. (To read more about its history and meaning, see our blog post here.)

No matter how or when it's worn, a kippah makes a fabulous Jewish gift for a friend or loved one, whether for a holiday, birthday, special milestone, or just because. And of course, we have a wide range of kippahs designed right in Israel, including a special children’s collection for the little ones!

Although the kippah is traditionally worn by boys and men, some women in more liberal Jewish communities are taking on this tradition as well - and Israeli designers meet the demand with feminine kippah designs such as those featuring pomegranates or floral motifs.

A kippah or yarmulke from the Land of Israel is an extra-special Jewish item, and you’ll love these meaningful designs to add to your Jewish rituals or everyday wear! To help you with your shopping, we’ve picked out our top 10 kippahs from Israeli designers:


1. Yair Emanuel Blue Star of David Kippah

One of the most popular and iconic kippah styles coming out of Israel is this blue Star of David design by famous Judaica artist Yair Emanuel. This comfortable cotton-poly blend features a unique and stylish Star of David in the center, made up of different pieces of embroidery in a range of blue hues - a perfect way to blend traditional Jewish symbolism with contemporary Israeli design!

And check it out in gold and silver here!






2. Velvet Embroidered Jerusalem Kippah (Choice of Colors)

Add a special touch of the Holy Land to your wardrobe and your religious rituals with a beautiful kippah embroidered with a stunning Jerusalem scene! These special velvet kippahs are designed by Yair Emanuel, with multiple color options available and eye-catching, high-quality embroideries: black with shiny gold and silver thread, navy with a range of blues, and blue with a vibrant multicolored scene.






3. Embroidered and Knit Kippah with Star of David - Choice of Color

This is a bold, fun look that will work for any sort of occasion, or just going out. It's knit, with blue border and a light blue Star of David. This simple look is a classic, but still stands out from plain solids, emblazoned with a symbol of Jewish pride.






4. Yair Emanuel Silk Kippah with Star of David Design (Choice of Colors)

Another classic and popular option by renowned Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel is this elegant silk kippah featuring a lovely embroidery of a repeating Star of David pattern. And with the variety of color options, you’re sure to find the style that suits you best, from eye-catching, contrasting color combinations to classy hues in the same color family.






5. Embroidered and Knitted Kippah with Jerusalem Menorah

If you prefer big, bold Jewish symbolism on your kippah, this Menorah design is the way to go! This kind of knitted style can be seen all over Israel, and white is a classic color that’s particularly associated with holidays, shabbat, and special occasions. The gold shiny thread of the trim and the Jerusalem menorah on top, meanwhile, gives it an extra-special touch of elegance and Jewish pride.






6. Embroidered Children’s Kippah with Hebrew Alphabet

Boys in very traditional Jewish communities typically start wearing a kippah daily after turning three years old, while some more modern communities have a tradition of kids of any gender wearing a kippah while at Jewish school or synagogue. A colorful, kid-sized kippah can be a wonderful way for a child to connect to and get excited about their Jewish heritage - and we’re loving this fun-yet-educational, bright blue kippah from Yair Emanuel featuring colorful embroideries of all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet!






7. Black Hand-Made Knit Kippah

Knit kippahs are the most popular style in Israel, and are often beloved in the diaspora as well: lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and suitable for all ages and occasions. And if you're looking for a fabulous Israeli knitted kippah for yourself or a loved one, you can't go wrong with this classic black option! One of our bestsellers, it's handmade from breathable cotton and fits both children and adults.






8. Embroidered Colorful Kippah with Stars of David (Choice of Colors)

Enhance your personal kippah collection with this gorgeous designer kippah from Yair Emanuel! Made from raw silk, this kippah is embroidered with multi-hued Star of David and half-circle designs in high-quality, gleaming thread, and comes in a range of color options. It makes a beautiful and meaningful gift for a lucky recipient of any age, and a truly special way to express one’s Jewish identity.






9. Yair Emanuel Birds & Flowers Embroidered Silk Kippah

If you’re looking for something more delicate and artistic, our favorite artist Yair Emanuel does not disappoint with this exquisite embroidered silk kippah. The white raw silk material is beautifully adorned in vibrant colors with an eye-catching bird and flower motif, and will be proudly worn by any lover of art or nature.






10. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Cotton Kippah - Jerusalem

Rounding out our list is yet another stunning design from Yair Emanuel: an elegant white cloth kippah embroidered with the Jerusalem city skyline in magnificent blues and grays. Lightweight, comfortable, and carrying a meaningful connection to the Land of Israel, this exquisite kippah will make a flawless gift for someone you love!






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