KippasKippahs (Yarmulkes) are a part of many Jewish men's traditional dress. While Orthodox men choose to wear a kippah every day, many wear the Jewish Skull Cap only at synagogue services and Jewish events.  The history of the kippah dates back to biblical times, when the Kohanim- priests- were told to cover their heads while doing their holy work in the Temple.  This later expanded to include all men to cover their heads whenever they were praying or saying blessings and was then written in the Talmud that men should always cover their heads always as a reminder that there is someone above them. Women are not required to wear a kippah because it is said that women's souls are more in tune with God but in many modern circles, women choose to embrace this special opportunity by also wearing a kippah during prayer services.

Today, kippahs stand out as a symbol of Judaism throughout the world.  Although there are different types of kippahs that originate from different places, today the styles are available and are worn everywhere. Besides for satin kippahs you might find at American synagogues or colorful knit kippahs that are popular in Israel, there are some extraordinary kippahs to choose from such as the large and colorful Bucharian kippah. For men and women searching for a new kippah from Israel, there are dozens of incredible options to choose from that will elevate your prayer service (or daily life), since whatever we do in Judaism, we should do it with beauty.

Knitted Kippahs

Knitted KippahsOne of the most popular kippah styles in Israel is the Knitted Kippah, frequently handmade by a friend or family member.  While not everyone has the time to learn how to knit kippahs on their own, you can buy yourself an equally alluring one in solid or geometric patterns that is sturdy enough to last for a long period of time even with daily wear.  If you want something a bit larger that does not need clips (great for small kids!) take a look at our Frik Kippah selection. These include colorful "Na-Nach-Nachman" kippahs worn mostly by the joyous Breslover Chassidim who are followers of the great Rabbi Nachman of Uman.

❤︎ We love this kippah with a blue and beige design and this white kippah with a silver Star of David.

Satin Kippahs and Silk Kippahs

Satin and Silk If you are looking for a more elegant look, we carry a large selection of satin and silk kippahs, including those made from poly silk and raw silk. Satin kippahs are mostly simple with a shine to them while silk kippahs are more detailed, with painted or embroidered scenes of nature, Jewish themes, or stunning geometric designs. Within the satin and silk selection, there is a wide variety of kippahs for women that prefer more feminine designs.

❤︎ We love this Jerusalem satin kippah and this embroidered silk kippah with birds and flowers.

Modern Kippahs

Modern KippahsIf you enjoy bold and lustrous designs to stand out with, take a look at our modern kippahs. Essentially, this collection is comprised of the best and most loved designs with something for every person at any age.  Many kippahs keep to tradition by incorporating Jewish symbols while adding in modern aspects to it, whether it be the fabric used or the adorning multicolored threads.  With over 100 diverse options, you never know what you'll stumble upon and love!

❤︎ We love this light gray linen kippah and this blue Star of David kippah.

Bucharian Kippahs

Bucharian KippahsWhat is now modern day Uzbekistan, was once known as the Emirate of Bukhara which had a large and ancient Jewish population. Bucharian Jews were very close to one another, creating their own Jewish culture  similar to Sephardi culture, but still with its own unique aspects. Bucharian Kippahs are large and almost hat-like, often embroidered with flowers and birds.  No other kippahs in the world look like this, making them very unique and special. Typically, these kippahs are worn by those of Bucharian decent or by small boys who are worried about losing their kippah. 

❤︎ We love this maroon embroidered kippah and this black kippah with flowers.

Patriotic Kippahs

Patriotic KippahsIf a kippah shows that someone is Jewish, it should also mark your pride in the State of Israel! Patriotic kippahs make a great gift for a loved one or yourself as a special item from Israel. Wear the Star of David like a crown on your head or proudly show off the IDF emblem, either will show off your love for Israel. These also are perfect for Jewish holidays, Yom Haaztmaut (Israeli Independence Day), and Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Memorial Day) if you plan on doing some Israel related on these days.

❤︎ We love this Tzahal kippah and this denim kippah with an Israeli flag.

Children's Kippah

Children's KippahsStarting at the age of three, boys begin to wear a kippah after their upsherin- a haircutting ceremony where a boy receives his first hair cut. For young children, they are going to want something comfortable and colorful as they get used to this Jewish tradition.  Children's Kippahs come with cute designs featuring the Aleph-Bet- the Hebrew alphabet- colorful dots, cars, and traditional styles perfect for their little heads.

❤︎ We love this tiny trains kippah and this colorful Aleph-Bet kippah.